Danilo Diaz Granados Organizes Special Event in Miami


Danilo Diaz Granados is an influential businessman who is currently based in Miami. Many people know him as the owner of one of the best modern luxurious boutiques in Miami, called Toys for Boys. He has also started other businesses in the city, and most of them have become very successful.


In July this year, the businessman decided to surprise his guests living in Miami. The summer event was planned for several days, and it turned out to be one of the best events that have ever been held in Miami. The distinguished guests and the elite class in the city attended the ceremony, and at the end of the day, they had a lot of fun.


Guests who had attended the extraordinary event say that it featured several activities like helicopter rides, wine, race tracks and tasty cuisine. Thanks to the summer event, the businessman attracted a huge number of clients for his luxurious boutique.


During the event, the elite guests were first treated to a good breakfast at one of the top hotels found in Miami. When they were done with their breakfast, the guests were taken out to enjoy other activities such as a good time at the race track and helicopter rides. The guests had time to sample some of the best wine in Miami, and they, later on, went for their lunch at a prestigious restaurant in the town.



Danilo Diaz Granados has always been interested in business since he was a young boy. He discovered his unique talents when he was studying for his degree at the Babson College. After relocating to Miami, Danilo decided to use these skills and that when he started the luxurious boutique. The shop has been very successful, earning him a lot of revenue. The men in Miami have a special place to get classic watches and jewelry too.  LinkedIn has more of his corporate credits.


Danilo Diaz Granados is also known for his talent in filming. He always wanted to own a film company since childhood; this dream came into a reality when he acquired some money. He started a film company known as Glory Films, and it has also been successful. The company has earned him a lot of money too.

How Jim Hunt Started VTA Publications


Jim Hunt is a respected financial advisor from the US. He currently works as the Chief Executive Officer of a company known as VTA publications. Hunt is known for his achievements in the stock market, and he is also versed with skills and about making smart and safe trades in the competitive market. He also runs a YouTube account, and this is where he shares any valuable information about his investments. Many people know him for his ability to read accurately and at the same time predict trades. He has the ability to translate the information so that the average investor can understand clearly. This skill makes all his informational videos very popular.


The financial advisor came up with the idea of starting VTA Publications after he discovered how the large banks in the country work. He decided to share the information with the other people in the world so that everyone can become successful and also take charge of their financial destinies instead of relying on the banks.


Every day, the CEO of the successful company wakes up ready to make a change in the marketing and finance industry. He is very productive in the morning, and he prefers to focus on his business and the new systems of trading for his clients during this time. Before starting work, he likes going for simple workouts so that the juices and a positive attitude can start flowing. He mostly takes his light lunch in the office, and he takes dinners with his family to ensure that he balances work and family.


Many people have known Jim Hunt as an individual who can make simple ideas into life. He first starts by the platform that most of the clients are interested in. He works hard to try and get solutions for these problems so that he can help his customers. He also reads and conducts a lot of research about the client wants. Doing this helps him to come up with the simple solutions to life’s problems. He only relaxes when he discovers an idea that will be helpful to his customers. Customer satisfaction is one of the things VTA Publications wants to achieve at the end of the day.

Lovaganza Foundation Promotes Quality of Life For Every Child

Bringing improvements to the lives of children throughout the world is what the Lovaganza Foundation is all about. They do this by producing films and documentaries with Lovaganza Entertainment. Their aim is also to raise awareness about the needs of children through public discussion and debate. Lovaganza often partner with many other foundations and institutes, all focused on the goal of a better quality of life for kids.

The biggest goal they have defined for this mission has a first scheduled milestone in 2035. They hope to accomplish this goal for everyone on the planet by 2050. The support programs, research projects, and campaigns Lovaganza puts on help many families. They help empower and fund other non-profit organizations, as well. The first milestone goal is to address all the basic rights and life needs of all children in the world who are under 15 years of age. These are the conditions for them they hope to create:

* Enough food to eat

* Clean drinking water

* Safe place to sleep

* Access to good healthcare

* Basic Education

* Safe to be children

There are too many children forced into slavery, being soldiers in war, forced child marriages. The beginning of Lovaganza’s plans to help is for them to setup Lovaganza Centers in places where they are needed. The second part of the first goal on instagram is to gain enough data to make a clear picture of what children in each area need to meet the first, basic goals.

Lovaganza is joined by many other non-profits. The list of all these organizations will be announced, soon. Even attaining the very first goal will be quite difficult. Each step and all results will be documented on video, as the first 10 Lovaganza Centers are built on finance.yahoo.com. Only with everyone pulling together, in union and in agreement with Lovaganza’s long-term goals, can the serious problems of the world be confronted and fixed. It is this world of healthy, happy, well-cared-for children that can turn the corner and lead to every adult also receiving whatever is needed for their health and happiness.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.euroweeklynews.com/3.0.15/news/on-euro-weekly-news/axarquia-costa-tropical/124030-movie-boost-for-frigiliana

ClassDojo transforming Education through the Collaboration of Parents, Teachers, and Students

ClassDojo is a communication platform that was launched with a major objective of connecting parents to teachers and students to make a collaborative effort in transforming education. The application helps to build a positive culture of learning where students can learn both from their teachers and parents.

Through the ClassDojo app, students receive encouraging remarks from their parents and teachers anytime their learning portfolio indicates that they were able to demonstrate skills like hard work, class participation, and teamwork in school.

Besides allowing teachers and parents to engage the student through education, the application empowers students to take a lead in their learning process. Students get a platform where they can share their best learning experiences by adding them to their portfolios. On the other hand, the shared classroom moments keep parents informed on the learning progress of their children.

Since its creation and launch by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the ClassDojo application has been adopted by two out of three schools in US. Moreover, ClassDojo’s marketing team is on the ground to ensure that the application was adopted by more schools.

The founders confirmed that the application’s design made it easy to be understood by a majority of the modern students. Additionally, the application was developed under keen consideration of privacy and security policies to make it safe for its users who are commonly students from kindergarten to 8th grade.

To further enhance the applications use in schools, ClassDojo held its second round of funding where they raised $21 million. The funding was led by General Catalyst organization alongside other investors like GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire.

Hemant Taneja, General Catalyst Managing Director, said that the money could be used to further develop the app as a communication platform where parents could buy books, videos, and lessons for their children to use at home. In addition, the app could be upgraded so that it can be used to make school transactions like making payments for tuition fees and field trips.

ClassDojo is a collaborative effort that is aimed to improve students’ performance. Regular communication between parents and teachers has been made possible. Teachers are now able to engage parents while parents can now follow up on their children’s performance and behavior at school. Subsequently, parents could enhance the learning process of their children by mentoring them while at school.

From its significant role in transforming education, ClassDojo has become more popular than other education-based applications such as Remind, FreshGrade, Nearpod, and Kickboard.

What Are You Doing Wrong During The Day?

There are a few things in your daily routine that you might be doing wrong but that you don’t think you’re doing wrong at the time. Wengie offers a few tips on how to correct those issues in order to make life a little easier.

If you like cherry tomatoes or other small vegetables but don’t like cutting them, then try putting the items between a cutting board and a plastic lid. The lid will help to keep the items in place, and you can easily cut through the tomatoes or other products without them getting away. It also helps lower your risk of cutting a finger.

When you open a carton of juice, you might notice that there is some that spills out a little farther than the cup. This is caused by air that gets trapped in the container. Instead of pouring the juice from the side that has the opening, turn the container around so that you pour from the opposite side. This will help get the air bubbles out of the juice, preventing anything from spilling on the counter.

Hanging shirts or blouses on a hangar can sometimes mean that they get the shape of the coat hangar. Fold the item in half, place the hangar under the armpit, and fold each arm over one half of the hangar. This will keep the item in place on the hangar and prevent the shape of the hangar from forming. It also helps to make it easier to remove the clothing when you want to wear it for the day.

Thor Halvorssen: A Great Activist

Thor Halvorssen is thirty nine years old. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation which is based out of New York. The Human Rights Foundation was started in 2005.

His family has a gruesome past. He is part Norwegian and part Venezuelan. His grandfather, whose name was Oystein, was the Norwegian King’s consul during World War two in Venezuela. His mother was a relative to one of the presidents of Venezuela (Cristobal Mendoza). She was also a relative to Simon Bolivar who was a military leader that fought to liberate Latin America from Spain. His mother died in a peaceful protest when she was shot by the government in 2004. His father was thrown in prison and tortured after working for a drug czar in Venezuela. While in prison he feared he would be murdered but managed to get out of jail. His cousin Leopoldo Lopez is currently a political prisoner in a jail in Venezuela.

Due to all of the things that has happened to his family Thor thinks human rights are extremely important. He doesn’t believe that human rights should be up for discussion but they are the foundation for which other things rest. He employees people that are full of spitfire and want to stand against injustice. One of the people he employees is Garry Kasparov. He is an activist that was punched by the police in Russia while he was protesting. He was protesting a band getting time in jail for singing a anti-Putin song.

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza was born on March 9, 1976. He is a human rights activist. He also makes movies. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. This foundation deals with human rights on a global scale.

Thor Halvorssen has gotten a lot of publicity and has been on a lot of popular networks and media outlets. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, HBO, The Washington Post, Fox News Channel, CNN, The O’Reilly Factor, and many others. The New York Times has printed its support of Thor Halvorssen’s work many times.

More information for Thor Halvorssen can be found here:


Get Your Wiki On with the Professionals

Wikipedia has become peoples online go to for information on a wide range of subjects from businesses, biographies to history. Each month over 80,000 Wikipedia editors and writers work on the content on the pages with over 5 billion articles to date. These writers will create or edit a Wikipedia page in their own time and without recognition or compensation. So it is staggering to think Wikipedia is after 15 years still going strong and available in over 282 languages.

Two scientists with backgrounds in economics wanted to look further into how this open source encyclopedia platform continues to attract so many contributors. The answer simply put is the contributors are attracting each other. The researchers found that the more Wiki edits made to an article led to additional edits and so forth. In addition the research found that the more edits that were made the more quality the page becomes. This is due to the fact that more and more reference links are added to the bottom when editors update a Wikipedia page and the site uses that as part of their ranking system.

These findings remind us that Wikipedia is a powerful force on the internet and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. If you are a person or business thinking about creating your own Wikipedia page you may also want to think about hiring Wikipedia experts to create and maintain it for you. Due to Wikipedia’s popularity, it is often one of the first pages that comes up on a Google search. A company such as, Get your Wiki, can help make sure your page is putting you in the best light possible. Experts at Get Your Wiki have experience with the proper formatting and reference material needed to be viewed positively in the Wikipedia search rankings. Wikipedia has its own guidelines that each page must follow in terms of formatting, so if you are not familiar with the guidelines it can be lengthy process to learn.

In addition while the majority of the editors on Wikipedia are well-intentioned there are always malicious people out there who could potential harm your reputation with unfair Wikipedia revisions. Due to the nature of the open source program anyone can edit a Wiki page at any time-  whether it belongs to them or not – without your knowledge. A professional company will monitor any changes made to your page to mitigate any damage that could be done to you or your company’s reputation.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites around the globe so if you are thinking of putting your information up there, you should hire Wikipedia editors of Get Your Wiki”

Eucatex Exceeds the Limits by Caring for The Planet

Since 1951, when Eucatex was founded, the company has excelled in sustainability and being concerned about the environment. Acoustic comfort and using eucalyptus trees as a substantial raw material in manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels was genius.

The first plant built by Paulo Maluf was a Fiberboard Industrial Unit, and it was established in Salto, Brazil. In less than a decade, Eucatex expanded the company by opening offices in several Brazilian capitals and in Buenos Aires Argentina. Eucatex also began exporting ceiling tiles and panels to Europe.

The founder, president and original CEO, is Paulo Maluf, who was 20 years old when he began the company. Paulo was an active politician in Brazilian politics. He built plants in Brazil that used the abundant eucalyptus when other companies were not using it, yet it was plentiful.

Paulo knew that he could replenish the forests, so he turned this small business into one of the most successful, sustainable and environmentally-oriented international companies in Brazil. His son, Flavio Maluf, has been CEO and Chairman of the Board since 2005.

Flavio was born in 1961 and began working in the company in 1987 in the trade department. In 1996, he moved to the industrial side, and through the years, he worked in every area. Paulo decided it was time that he became president in 2005. Flavio has an education as a mechanical engineer, has a law degree and is a successful entrepreneur as he is also president of the GrandFood Group.

What is especially respectable about Eucatex is the concern for the environment. Eucatex has an extensive recycling program, is active in several other environmental actions, is certified for the growing of the eucalyptus forests and the company corporately reaches out to those who need help by supporting community development.

Eucatex is a company that excels beyond the average boundaries of the other companies in the same class. Eucatex has excelled to a higher level, and the result of their conscientious actions is an international business that is thriving in every country. Follow CEO Flavio on Twitter, or read his blog about the world of business.

3 Shea Butter Uses

Shea butter is often added to a number of products that are currently on the market today. Many are starting to believe that Shea butter is the superstar product of the century. Why? Well, because of the numerous benefits that are associated with Shea butter. Perhaps, you’ve wondered about Shea butter too. Are the reports, real? Does the product really live up to all the claims? Certainly, it appears that Shea butter really is a remarkable product for the skin, hair, and the entire body. Here are Shea butter uses to consider in your beauty and personal care regimen.

Moisturize Dry Skin
Teens to older adults worry about dry skin. Dry skin is a common condition that is experienced equally by men and women too. Studies show that Shea butter has a natural ingredient that is very similar to a substance that is produced in the skin. These fatty acids nourish and moisturize the skin. Therefore, it is a great natural moisturizer.

Reduce Wrinkles
It is thought that Shea butter helps with collagen production in the skin. Shea butter is also filled with antioxidants that fight free radical damage to the skin. Studies show that those who use the product for several weeks notice a reduction in wrinkles and that their skin appears smoother. In addition, some report that their skin looks more vibrant, healthy, and youthful after making the product a part of their regular skin care routine.

Hair Conditioner
Shea butter is a main ingredient in numerous hair care products. Ancient women discovered Shea’s beauty secret hundreds of years ago. They realized that the product was a complete beauty and personal care product. Shea butter moisturizes the hair and seals in nutrients. Many find that it makes their hair smoother and more vibrant.

EuGenia Shea
There are numerous companies that claim to produce high quality Shea butter. However, EuGenia is one company that you can trust to deliver the highest quality Shea butter. They are a family owned company with roots in Africa and America.

EuGenia Shea care deeply about their customers specific needs. Therefore, they provide 3 strength formulas to consider. They include Everyday Shea Butter, Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter, and Dermatological Shea Butter.

Lime Crime Goes Viral

Many people have seen Doe Deere’s face all over social media. Her beautiful face is a popular image on Instagram because of her newest brand, Lime Crime. This business woman is now considered one of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs. Where did the name “Lime Crime” come from? Doe Deere wanted her brand to be an example of her quirky nature, which helped develop the unique name.

Ms. Deere has been artistic since she can remember. She remembers getting into her mother’s makeup bag and experimenting with the colors. She feels like she shouldn’t be having so much fun in her career considering creating different shades of color is so exciting to her. Makeup is enjoyable to her but it is also a very small part of her life. She has so much more to share with the world but is not ready to do so until it is the right time.

She has definitely came far in her makeup career. She remembers playing makeup with her best friends during sleepovers and is now showing off her talents all over the world. She did attest to her fame nearly exploding within a 24 hour period. Her online traffic nearly sky-rocketed, which motivated her to creating her “Lime Crime” brand.

In 2004 she started her eBay store online and wanted to give it a catchy name that would be memorable for people when they saw it. She said the first thing that came to mind was Lime Crime and because her favorite color is lime green. She has always been about thinking outside of the box and trying different color variations that most make up artists would never consider trying.

She loves working online and loves the advantage of using social media to show off her business and talent for makeup. She loves meeting new people online that express their love for her products and enjoys all of the positive feedback she receives. She is so proud of being considered an inspirational woman in the world of female entrepreneurs and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for her. Check out their offerings on Doll’s Kill, and make sure to visit the Lime Crime Tumblr for makeup ideas and application tips.