Talk Fusion Giving Back To Charity In Lump Sums

In a recent article on Your Mark On The World Center, shares a bit of the vision and life’s mission of CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. His global success with the Talk Fusion platform has allowed him to provide various charities around the globe with monetary help as well as a unique opportunity. This opportunity is the Talk Fusion platform. This platform allows any user or charity to broadcast their unique message around the world and by doing so reach many more people than was possible before. All charities rely on the support by associations and individuals alike and it is for this very reason that the Talk Fusion Suite can provide this solution.

The Talk Fusion Suite is so popular due to the fact that it has helped countless individuals and charities on a global scale reach success. Success stories from the Talk Fusion associates is what keeps Bob Reina charged and energetic for the future. Stories of second chances, rebuilding after a collapse or simply helping friends or family with financial matters are just a handful of ways that the Talk Fusion opportunity has impacted the lives of thousands of people globally. Bob Reina has always made it clear to others that his main interest always lies in the story of how the opportunity has changed the persons life.

The unique way to allow each user of Talk Fusion to pay it forward to the next user is what makes this opportunity great. For this very reason, Bob Reina’s vision becomes clearer every time this is done. He has not only helped local charities in the United States, like the Humane Society of Tampa Bay where he donated a total of $1 million but also launching fundraisers for Nepal earthquake victims and those effected by the tsunami in Japan. These are just a few ways Bob Reina has impacted the communities of the world through his vision and caring heart. His devotion to people and kind nature is the key to his success with Talk Fusion.

The Many Pastimes of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is a role model dentist and philanthropist located in New Jersey. His charity work is his passion, and he is known to have helped almost a quarter million people worldwide with their dental issues. He has raised millions through a popular Go Fundme page called Operation Smile. This program originated in the Philippines but has become eighty different countries involved and helping children in over sixty countries. All the proceeds from Operation smile are making it possible for free dental care for those who are in desperate need of it. Avi Weisfogel passion of helping is inspiring and something we can all look up to. To read more about his charity work, visit:

What you may not know is that Weisfogel is also a huge fan of progressive rock. Pink Floyd, in particular, is music he is passionate about. Known for their classic album, The Wall, this is music he is most inspired by. The Wall touched upon human freedoms and included songs like “Another Brick In The Wall.” Avi also enjoyed listening to Billy Joel on occasion. To read more about his love of music, visit:

You can also find more about Avi through his Facebook page;
You will see photos of him doing speeches with his Dental Sleep Masters Team. Avi feels strongly that sleep apnea is linked to dental health. The group of professionals talk about the link and how to help sleep apnea to prevent teeth and gum problems in the future. Avi is passionate about the dental health of everyone, but goes above and beyond to help children worldwide. He is a great role model, and one, who’s journey we should follow intently.

Importance Using Video Communication in your Business


Modern technology is forcing entrepreneurs to make use of video communication in their business. It is because the video is turning out to be an important part of the online experience. A rising number of small enterprises are utilizing video to improve services for their clients and introduce new work, just like David Kale of Kale Designs.

Blue Bell, PA-based Kale Design is responsible for designing a high end and high impact graphics that their customers utilize in print, video, and online. David Kale is always searching for modern ways for his clients and his company, to be noticeable from the crowd and draw the attention.

Talk Fusion is a video communication company. The business creates video conferencing, social networking products, and broadcasting. David Kale is utilizing its flagship video email services since December. Video email is the best thing for this design and advertising professional.

Talk Fusion is not complicated. The moment David needs to send a video message to somebody, he records it either on his flip camera or on built-in computer Webcam. Any video gadget is perfect. The perfect the device will be, the better the video. He then logs into the Talk Fusion portal, browses to the saved video clip and uploads it.

Using the similar portal, David can then form his video email. He can brand the graphics of his company into the video and select from an already prepared templates given by the service. He can incorporate any text he desires. Once finished, David has the alternative of sending the email to one individual or many people at a go, depending on the service he purchased. The videos are saved on the site of Talk Fusion and can be used again. The firm offers numerous already created videos just in case you choose not to create your own. David utilizes Talk Fusion in reviewing projects with customers. Using videos, he can show his logos and web pages his company has designed.

Bob Reina is the president and the founder of Talk Fusion, which is a home of the world’s best all-in-one video marketing company. Before establishing this video marketing company, Bob Reina worked as a Tempa Bay Police Officer.

In 1990, Bob Reina was initiated to network marketing working as a part-time associate while still working as a police officer. The passion he had for network marketing and incredible work ethic led him leave his full-time profession behind and pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Read further at for more information about Bob Reina and Talk Fusion.

The Successful Musical Career Of Norka Martinez Luque

The story of Norka is full of motivation and inspiration. In her world, impossibility does not exist. Norka discovered her passion for music at a tender age. Since then, her message has devolved around bringing positive message of hope through her music. Norka’s parents supported her passion unconditionally. Initially, she started by going through vocal practice lessons, learned how to play the piano, and undertook ballet and flamenco classes while still pursuing her academics.
In France, Norka pursued a degree in business administration besides receiving degrees in marketing and fashion as well as culinary arts. The opportunity to be part of a band came up while she was still in France. This way, she continued to improve her vocals and get the opportunity to perform on large platforms. Norka continued performing with the band until a celebrated musical producer, Emilio Estefan Jr, developed interest in her musical works. He opened the door and gave her the platform to sing professionally.
While reflecting back on Emilio’s impact on her music, Norka Luque posited that the musical producer gave her an opportunity that is dream for most artists. She continued to say that Emilio liked her musical project and that working with him was a school of life and a miracle as she continued to learn new things each day. Norka asserts that she believed that she could make the world a better place through her music. To this end, she realized that a simple fact like being alive is in itself a miracle.
Through her talented producers and directions from the Emilio Estefan Jr, Norka managed to become an accomplished singer. Compositions by Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena and Hermanos Gaitan played a pivotal role in creating the song, Milagro. Norka is currently promoting this song in addition to El Cata. In Venezuela, Puerto Rico and United States, the song has become a hit. It is imperative to note that the song has been recorded as one of the best in the esteemed Latin Music Billboards. Milagro is a combination of reggae, Mediterranean traces and Caribbean sounds. This combination in addition to a beautiful message has made the song become a recipe for success.
Norka posits that artists have the opportunity of creating positive messages for the fans given that the lyrics in the songs transport them to their innermost levels of emotions. She continues to posit that even though new genres and rhythms are created, the message that is intended to be transmitted to the people should not change. Through her life, Norka is able to write lyrics that give hope to the people undergoing various crises in their lives.