Raj Fernando, a Man to Rely On

Born to CK and Laura Fernando in July 1971, Rajiv Kumar Fernando was raised in a family of three children, and he was the youngest after his sisters Tanya and Natasha. He later joined the Beloit College for a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Economics. Raj is also a graduate from University College London.

In college, Rajiv was involved in several activities including volunteer works, trading portions notably at the Mercantile Exchange of Chicago and The Board Of Trade of Chicago. Good years were still to come, in 2002, he founded Chopper Trading, a Propriety trading firm based in Chicago and dealing mainly in fixed income, private equities, among many more products. He went ahead to become the company’s CEO, during which he planned, kept in place, and with sophistication, monitoring managed risk management, source code security systems and trading and communications.

Raj Fernando put the enterprise on the global map of which can be revealed when the company was listed on stock exchanges including CME, NASDAQ just to mention a few. The company was later sold to DRW Trading Group in January 2015 and 2016, he established Scouthead.com, a start-up for the internet, which he is currently working for as the Chairman and the company’s CEO.

Mr. Fernando has made massive impacts in foreign policies, sitting on various boards and departments like the International Security Advisory Board department of the state. Richard Hartman, ISAB’s Executive Director, referred to him as a cyber security expert, he can only be termed as an asset in this industry.

His contributions do not only stop at this, but he has also played other significant roles in the politics. He helped Hillary Clinton in fundraising up to 100,000 US Dollars for the 2008 campaign. As if that is not enough he fundraised 2008 presidential campaigns for Barack Obama. Fernando has also donated over 30,000 US dollars to WomenCount.

Mr. Fernando is currently serving as a member of the PAWS Chicago’ board of directors; he has in the past he is known to support Wounded Warriors, among others. With donations and contributions to The Steppenwolf Theaters and Clinton Foundations respectively, his philanthropy is limitless.

For more information please visit http://www.rajfernando.com

Securus Technologies Gets Positive Feedback From Clients

Securus Technologies provides various types of powerful IT solutions for jails, prisons and other correctional institutions in the United States of America. Recently, this company conducted some surveys on its own performance. Securus Technologies asked its clients to provide some honest and thoughtful feedback about specific products and services that have been useful in logistical operations. Many of the participants in the surveys provided plenty of positive reviews about the solutions that are offered by Securus Technologies.


Some jails and prisons claim that they have been able to prevent crime by using the software that has been developed by Securus Technologies. After all, this company offers surveillance systems that can monitor phone calls and other forms of communication between prisoners and other contacts. Securus Technologies understands that correctional facilities need reliable methods to detect suspicious forms of communication. In some cases, jails and prisons have used the company’s technology to find inmates who have been involved in the smuggling of drugs, weapons, money and other prohibited items.


The CEO of Securus Technologies is thrilled to hear positive feedback on his enterprise’s products and services. He estimates that his firm produces a new solution for the criminal justice system on a weekly basis.


Securus Technologies  works with more than 3,000 correctional facilities in the U.S.A. Based in Dallas, Texas, this IT firm also holds offices in other major cities such as Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies is always looking forward to improving the way that jails and prisons operate. This company is also dedicated to delivering reliable telecommunication solutions for incarcerated people. In fact, Securus Technologies serves more than 1.2 million inmates nationwide. To accommodate the high demand for the latest IT products and services in the criminal justice sector, this company operates facilities that are exclusively dedicated to research and development.