Protect Your Assets with Oxford Club

In Santa Fe, New Mexico last week Oxford Club Private Wealth Seminar met. And the age old question was brought up, “Once I reach retirement, how much money should I have in stocks?”. The answer is it depends on your age, health, size of portfolio and monthly overhead. Now more and more Americans are living a longer life, meaning that when people use to retire at 65, they had enough money. Now, since we are living longer you will need more money for your retirement. Although having too much invested during a bear market, can be a cause for financial disaster. By having a lot to cash in on during a bear market will not help you have any money to help supplement your monthly bills during retirement. You can avoid this by doing a retirement rebalance. To do this, you figure out how much you would need a month in cash and low-risk bonds. You should then set this amount aside for at least five years. This is because the average bear market lasts 15 months and can loose up to 32% of a stocks value. The turn around time for your stocks are about 3 years. Although, sometimes it can take up to five years to recover. During this time you would be loosing money rather than being able to supplement your bills. If you don’t have enough in a portfolio to do this there are other options so you can save: Reduce your living expenses, Work longer, save more, set aside three- or four-year reserve rather than five, and invest in a higher return rate.

The Oxford Club is a financial organization that have members in over 100 countries. They offer the top rated investment research and ways to achieve long lasting wealth. They offer free publications to help you, all the way to research services.

They are a selective group that have members that are looking to help each other with investments and helping protect their wealth while maintaining it for many years. They have a easy to use strategy to have help members invest safely, without too much risk.


Siteline Cabinetry Providing Economical and Functional Cabinetry Solutions

People love to have a kitchen that is functional, modern, and good-looking. Thanks to the innovation in the world of furniture, carpentry, and cabinetry solutions, kitchen these days can be styled and designed as per the users’ need without having to spend enormous amounts of money. Cabinetry solutions are available these days that would make the kitchen functional and modern looking, irrespective of how big or small the kitchen space is. Moreover, cabinetry solutions would ensure that the kitchen stays organized and has enough space to store all the kitchen essentials.


Siteline Cabinetry is the brand owned by Corsi Group and has completed well over 50,000 projects so far. The company aims to meet the expectations of its clients by turning their vision into a reality and ensures that the clients stay in the loop during the entire process, starting from designing the kitchen to remodeling and building the kitchen. Every product is made from scratch by Siteline Cabinetry to ensure that the clients get what they are paying for. Thanks to modern developments in the field of cabinetry solutions and kitchen remodeling, there are many ideas to choose from when it comes to kitchen cabinetry solutions.


There are many types, colors, and styles of personalized kitchen cabinets that can be added to the kitchen to give the entire space a modern appeal without compromising on functionality. The subtle designs are more on trend with the users these days, and most of the times; the kitchen cabinets preferred by users have clean lines to give a neat outlook. While many homeowners prefer the classic black and white cabinets, many modern users go for shaker style cabinets. These days many designs for the shaker style cabinets are available to choose from.


The homeowners now have many colors for personalized kitchen cabinets to choose from other than white, black, and gray. And, the best part is that these cabinets don’t only look good but are highly functional as well, and helps with space saving too. Many homeowners with a bigger budget even opt to go for a high-tech cabinet that would have inbuilt light and also charging stations, which makes life in the kitchen more convenient. Consulting with Siteline Cabinetry would help you get the best cabinetry solution for your kitchen within your budget.

Chris Burch a Serial Entrepreneur and a Marketing Legend

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur who can spot an opportunity where no one can and is not afraid of venturing into new businesses. Burch is popularly known for establishing several internationally known brands such as the Tory Burch and C. Wonder. Burch has also invested in a wide range of industries which include financial companies, technology, consumer products and recently the hospitality industry.  Hop over to for related article.

In 2012 Burch together with his partner an hotelier McBride, purchased and built a five-star resort on a remote island in Indonesia. Within a very short period, the resort has turned out to be one of the best hotels in the world-beating giants in the industry that have been in existence for decades. In 2016 the resort was named as the best hotel worldwide by Travel + Leisure.  For further reading about the award-winning resort hotel, check

The Hotel was previously a beach hostel on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and was owned by a New Jersey couple. After buying the hotel, Burch and McBride invested close to 30 million dollars a larger part of the funds going to the renovation of the beach hostel into a five-star restaurant. The resort is known as Nihiwatu which means mortar stone. The beach was named after a rock formation on the tide.

According to Burch, Nihiwatu exceeded his expectation which is quite rare phenomena when it comes to business as most of the time things turn into less. Nihiwatu is no ordinary place and has beautiful palettes, spas under waterfalls, butlers in almost every room and 27 private villas.

Burch according to a media outlet Wall Street Journal spends his time juggling between Miami, the Hamptons, and Nihiwatu.  Related article here.  The hotel hosts Burch private home the Raja Mendaka which has a main house and four villas with private plunge pools.

Besides owning Nihiwatu beach resort Chris Burch is also the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative boasts of a portfolio of world top brands such as the ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, and Poppin among others. Capital Creative is currently developing an array of lifestyle and consumer products.  Additional reading here.

Burch has a diverse business background and has interests in fashion, technology, and real estate businesses. Burch began his career at a very tender age while he was still a student at Ithaca College. Together with his brother Bob, they co-founded Eagles Eye apparel which they grew and was worth over 160 million dollars at the time they were selling it.  For an in-depth look at his various business ventures, head over to

For an overview of his diverse investment, visit

Getting Licensed By The American Institute Of Architecture

Founded in 1857, the American Institute of Architects is dedicated to the advancement of the ideals of the architectural profession. As such, it represents architects interests, advances architectural values as well as improving the quality of service. Since its inception, it has consistently served the interests of American building designers. For this reason, it oversees the process of licensing architects, partners, and emerging professionals. As part of its mandate, the AIA emphasizes its member’s commitment to architectural design principles in building as well as to the nation.

In its capacity, the AIA has three tiers that represent architects locally, statewide as well as at the national levels. For this reason, professionals in the industry become members of the local, state, or national AIA chapters. To obtain membership in the AIA, members tender a single application. Through this request, professionals gain access to a vast amount of resources that enhances one’s competitiveness in the market. Besides that, you also have access to a repository of a structural body of knowledge regarding professional issues.

As part of its activities, the AIA engages professionals through advocacy, community building, and dissemination of information. In the recent past, it is actively providing continuing education opportunities to architects. Ongoing training helps professionals in the industry improve skills, their knowledge, and adhere to industry regulations. The AIA achieves these goals through:

– The provision of web resources for entry-level designers
- Performance of market research and analysis of prevailing economic conditions
- Taking the lead in architectural advocacy between architects, regulators, local, state, and national governments
– The promotion of public faith in the architectural profession through symposiums, tours, and events
- Recognition of outstanding architects for adhering to excellent design, industry as well as professional principles

Obtaining a License from the AIA

Now, let us turn our attention to what is required to become an AIA licensed member. To begin with, an architect must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in architecture. All states require that one apprentice under a supervising architect to gain experience as well as earn AXP credits. An additional prerequisite is a pass in the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE). This exam consists of multiple exams to test your abilities and knowledge in related architectural practices. Upon the successful completion of these exams as well as gaining needed experience, you can apply for a license. Though individual states grant licenses, you can obtain licenses in multiple states. For all these stages, the AIA offers various resources to help you meet licensing requirements.

Learn more about American Institute of Architects:

The Change Livio Bisterzo Has Brought to the Food Industry

     Vegans have been having challenges when it comes to getting snacks that fit their diet. Therefore, brands like HIPPEAS that make vegan snacks are highly appreciated. The brand has managed to grow because it has a new group of investors. The revenue of the company is expected to grow by more than triple by the end of 2017. Livio Bisterzo, the founder and the CEO of HIPPEAS, announced that the company found a new investor. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined the Strand Equity Partners to offer financial support to HIPPEAS.

Livio Bisterzo said that he was excited that Strand Equity Partners along with Leonardo DiCaprio joined the HIPPEAS family. He stated that it is also great to have board partners who have the same vision as the firm. This will play a huge role in the continued growth of the company. The company that makes HIPPEAS is Green Park. When Leonardo DiCaprio invested in the brand, the brand received the backing of a serious environmental activist. The investment of the actor is also sure to bring some attention to the brand. When this is combined with the nutritional, tasty products offered, the brand is sure to be a success.

Livio Bisterzo is a young entrepreneur who is from Italy. At the moment, he resides in Los Angeles together with his wife and his three children. Livio used to live in the UK for several years. At the time, he attended University of the Arts in London. In the year 2003, he began his first business of entrepreneurship. It was an event firm. He was able to expand his portfolio to include the consumer brands, lifestyle and also hospitality. He has a vision of changing the food and drink industry.

In 2015, Livio Bisterzo founder the Green Park Holding that has been changing the food industry. The company is an innovator of food. The mission of the institution is to come up with multichannel beverages and foods. In 2016, Green Park launched HIPPEAS which is the first brand of the company. The snack has a significant amount of protein fiber, but they are light. Livio Bisterzo claimed that this snack has everything needed to make it globally loved.

Chris Burch and his Many Successful Ventures

Chris Burch is popular around the world for his career as an entrepreneur and his many and varied ventures in business.

The most popular business of Chris Burch is the Burch Creative Capital of which he is the chief executive officer. This is only one of the fifty businesses that Chris Burch has founded, co-founded, or played a part in developing. Over the forty years of his career, Chris Burch has had experience in nearly every industry.

Chris Burch loves fashion, style, interior design, and just about anything else that requires creativity. He has a stationary line, as well as a fashion business for apparel and accessories. He also has a business for furniture and home accessories.

In fact, Chris Burch is considered a branding and marketing genius. He is highly intuitive when it comes to business and how to market ideas and attract consumers in large quantities.

Along with being a business creator, Chris Burch is also an investor. He has stakes in ED by Ellen DeGeneres, as well as Coccoon9, Poppin, and many other small and large businesses. Chris Burch takes pride in the brands he supports and he also takes it as an opportunity to analyze the market and the preferences of consumers.  Learn more about his varied business ventures, hit

Additional article to read here.

The business skills that V have allowed him to create a business empire and achieve great success from the start. For example, Chris Burch had never ventured into the business of hospitality. His first project in the industry was Ni Sumba Island – a five-star resort in Sumba Island, Indonesia. In short, the project was a huge success.

Nihi Sumba Island is often called paradise n earth. That is understandable as it sports virgin sands, beautiful views to the clear ocean waters, and it is also surrounded by frests, waterfalls, and wildlife. And then there is the resort itself consisting of private villas, pools, restaurants, parks, and recreational facilities all sharing the common denominator of high luxury.  More about the luxury resort on

Chris Burch knows business and he knows how to do it well. For him, business is an avenue to create art such as fashion and style designs and creating beautiful places such as Ni Sumba Island.  For his recent timeline activity updates, click on

Along with his entrepreneurship, Chris Burch has been doing philanthropy for many years, He is the most active donor for the Sumba Island Foundation which aims to enhance the community. Chris Burch also donates to the medical sector and sponsors medical training as well as children foundations such as The Child Welfare League of China.  Read more info about him, check this article on

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Asheboro’s and Ramseur’s Horizon Internal Medicine and its Founder, Imran Haque

Imran Haque created Horizon Internal Medicine over a decade ago, still in operation to this very day. Asheboro and Ramseur are each home to Horizon Internal Medicine, featuring fully-loaded staff to keep patients in good shape, whether Imran Haque is present, or at another hospital or medical facility helping other patients thrive.

Positive reviews of Horizon Internal Medicine and Dr. Imran Haque flood the Internet, inescapable for anyone that looks up anything even remotely related to this quasi-celebrity medical doctor in the central North Carolina area.

Dr. Imran Haque decided that working in rural areas was the right field of work for him when completing a residency program in internal medicine at the University of Virginia from 1998 to 2001. Although most of his work occurred in Roanoke and Salem, lead doctors stationed him in small, rural areas at times, too.

This popular internist started his career in the Caribbean islands – lucky Imran! – in 1994, first attending the Universidad Iberoamericana. Imran Haque would later finish in 1998, right on time, with high honors, something very few of the tens of thousands of students at IBERA are fortunate to leave the medical college with. In 1998, without one single season passing, Dr. Imran Haque was able to secure a residency position at the University of Virginia. Three years later, he moved to North Carolina – the rest is history.

Horizon Internal Medicine, although Dr. Imran Haque performs all kinds of procedures, exams, and medical services, is home to a cornucopia of cosmetic procedures, including injections like Botox and dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid, ranging to laser-assisted body contouring and hair removal. Dr. Imran Haque also provides diabetes management to people with the ultra-common disease that enter his offices, administering insulin, prescribing medications, and recommending plans for diet and exercise to patients on an individualized basis.



Richard Mishaan Design: The Brain behind Many Lavish Designs

Known for his aspects of unique décor and sophistication other designers seldom venture in, Richard Mishaan Design has won many hearts for its uniqueness. He integrates fashion, architecture and interior design as well as his rich cultural roots, which he acquired while training at Phillip Johnson’s Office, to yield a sprawling touch of class. Richard Mishaan Design is Colombian born but pursued most of his studies in New York. He also set up his company in New York, a favorite for high profile architectural and interior design work. He has been featured on top Architectural platforms for his extravagant interiors that feature curated antiques and fancy ornamental items with combined vintage touches.

Richard Mishaan is proud to be associated with breathtaking interiors such as the Trump World Towers and the Shelburne Hotel. He appreciates and understands quality and luxury. In fact, he always advocates for creation of lit rooms that are colorful and sophisticated from the artwork. This is thought to be inspired by the many colorful cities he has visited in his native home, Colombia. Again, the bold use of colors is probably what makes him stand out from others and more

To make his designs so impeccable, Richard Mishaan explains that combining diverse heritages crafts legacies that exceed styles and trends is indispensable. It is no surprise, therefore, that his apartment, across Central Park, is a gallery of various arts, sculptures and furnishings. Additionally, his love for craftsmanship gives him a great desire to add artisanal textiles and porcelains into his work. In support of his work, Richard Mishaan Designs has authored two books: ‘Artfully Modern’ and ‘Modern Luxury’. ‘Artfully Modern’ was released in November 2014. Both books were published by Random House’s Monacelli Press. ‘Modern Luxury’, published in 2009, was written to show the ideas behind Richard’s designs and their effect on people.


Jason Hope: Internet Is The Inevitable Future

Your smartphone wakes you up. You go to the kitchen to the smell of coffee already prepared by your smart coffee pot. You are on your way to work when your car’s GPS system tells you there has been a terrible accident and gives you an alternate route. Once you get to work you have your first virtual meeting with people who are across the country. Then during your break, you go for your daily mile walk, all the while paying attention to your smart health bracelet which checks your vital signs among other things. Your entire day has been filled with the internet. We now take the internet and its applications for granted especially the millennials, who haven’t known any other way. This is just a normal thing to them.

The internet and its applications are exploding at a very high rate. It’s getting to the point where your entire life revolves around “smart” devices. Soon, your car will be able to drive itself, your refrigerator will be able to order food when you are out, and your dog’s collar will be able to let you know where he is at all times. Everything is relying on the internet from appliances to luggage. In order to fill out an application for most businesses nowadays, you have to go to their website.

Is this something we should be worried about. Basically, we have the eye in the sky watching our every move. Entrepreneur, Jason Hope, explains the “Internet of Things”, in an article on the website He explains that good or bad, the internet really has no limits. He explains the 7 ways the internet has influenced everyday life. Those 7 applications are “Morning Alarm Clock, Breakfast and Coffee, Morning Commute, Health Monitoring, Traffic Jam Alerts, Wearable Devices, and Smart Baby Monitors”. But there are so many more things than these 7 applications. We now have smart luggage, smart dog collars, smart refrigerators, and the list goes on and on.

Jason Hope, a young entrepreneur residing in Arizona, earned a finance degree from the University of Arizona. He is trying to make a difference in the world of technology. His businesses include Engine Optimization, Digital Media Solutions, Computer and Business Information Systems, and Interactive Software. Jason Hope says that people can begin a business with technology with hard work. He also says that social media is a great way to get your business out to the world, but it has to be used correctly.

We can all look forward to more and more smart devices and maybe even a robot in the not-so-distant-future. Everything will be tied to the internet.