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A Review Of The American Institute Of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The professional body for architects in the United States was founded in 1857 to provide education, public outreach, community development and government advocacy on the behalf of architects in the country. The institution focuses on improving professionalism in the industry, a key factor in enhancing a good public image. The organization works closely with professional bodies belonging to designers and construction teams.

The organization boasts of over 90,000 members. It is headed by Robert Ivy who serves as the institution’s EVP/chief executive officer. Thomas V. Vonier serves as the president of the organization.

Notably, 13 architects from the New York City are credited for founding AIA. The group used the organization to promote scientific and technical progress of architects in the country. Over the years, the noble institution has been able to enhance the profession. Some of the architects who took part in the launch included Charles Babcock, Henry Dudley and Henry W. Cleaveland. Prominent architects who were invited to the launch included Thomas U. Walter and Alexander Jackson Davis. This launch marked a new dawn for the industry. Today, one can easily know all the qualified architects. The organization has been fighting for the establishment of architectural schools and laws in the country.

Every one of the over 90,000 members of AIA is licensed to practice architecture in the United States. All the experts adhere to strict codes of ethics and professionalism. This uniformity helps to streamline the industry and aid clients, the public and colleagues to enjoy the highest professional standards.

AIA is governed by a board of directors. The body has over 200 full-time employees dedicated to handling various aspects of its operations. The national organization is made up of over 300 local and state components that aims at bringing professionalism to every locality. Some of these components exist outside the US in countries such as Japan, UK and Europe.

About Robert A. Ivy

Robert Ivy is an American architect and executive leader. He is the American Institute of Architects’ executive vice president and chief executive officer. Ivy’s leadership has helped in transforming the institutions to handle the various challenges facing architects in the 21st century. Robert Ivy is also working towards improving the organization’s legacy by making it proactive, responsive and influential. The architect has won the Alpha Rho Chi. The award sought to recognize his effectiveness in communicating design values to players in the industry.