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Adam Milstein Talks about His Journey as an Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American entrepreneur with interest in the real estate business. He holds the post of a managing partner with Hager Pacific Properties. Adam is also involved in several philanthropic ventures through his foundation, Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

When asked about the origin of the idea for Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein first mentions that he pursued an MBA in entrepreneurship at USC. He explains that before graduating potential employers came to campus recruiting for jobs. The recruiters lacked appreciation for his knowledge and experience, and their offer was below what an undergraduate student deserved. It is here that he decided to work on his own. He began as a Commercial Broker in the real estate business. He had three years of success as a broker before venturing as an investor in real estate.

On how he transforms ideas into life, Adam answer was short; “I push until they become a reality.” He advises that if someone else cannot do it, do it yourself. He further explained that he does a lot by himself. He does follow-up every day and never ignores anything.

When asked about one trend that excites, he said that there are plenty of exciting fluctuations in real estate. He gave an example an example of price fluctuations and how supply remains higher than demand for several years and then flips. He said that it takes quite some time to achieve results in real estate. He pointed out the habits that improve his productivity as an entrepreneur as “follow-up, consistency, and persistence.”

Adam Milstein said he has never had a bad job and he enjoys working. On the question of what he would do different if he would start again, Adam’s answer is one sentence that expresses no regrets; “I believe I have made all the right choices.” If there is one thing that Adam does repeatedly and would advise others to follow suit is to avoid relying on other people. As an entrepreneur, he urges everyone to understand the issue by themselves and become part of the solution.

Adam Milstein says that he does not set specific goals as this limits him. He views this as a strategy that has enabled him to grow his business. Milstein explains that he is self-motivated and a person that works hard. He advises not to pay attention to criticism and avoid the voices that tell you are being used or abused.

Adam’s biggest mistake is wishing to succeed within no time. He advises that the path to success is a long way and not the shortcut. Adam also provided the one business idea that he wanted to share. He recommends that entrepreneurs should always follow up every lead. Adam explained that family is essential to him and that he recently spent $100 on dinner with his family. Adam pointed out that he uses Constant Contact Software to manage his tenants and contacts. Adam recommended the book “And the Good News Is ….” By Dana Perino saying that nothing is as bad as it seems. Adam named David Hager as one person who influenced his thinking. He describes David Hager, his partner as a visionary person with a clear perspective of the globe and economic affairs.