Rocketship Education Strives for Better Education

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools that was founded in 2007. There are 18 Rocketship Education schools across the United States. Though open to all students, as long as they are eligible to be placed in kindergarten through fifth grade, it primarily serves those in low-income neighborhoods where students have limited access to a proper education.

The network all began in 1999 with a man named Father Mateo Sheedy. Father Sheedy was surprised when he saw that none of the children who were in his parish reached the basic academic requirements necessary for them to go to the local college. Determined to make a change, he gathered support from the community to set up a plan that offered high-quality education to children who needed it. Father Sheedy died before realizing his mission but with the help of his parishioners and two educational entrepreneurs named Preston Smith and John Danner The first Rocketship Education location was created.

Even though Rocketship Education is dedicated to bettering its students it is also focused on all forms of education whether it is in a classroom or at home. This network of charter schools strives to be a truly transformative school that has a whole community willing to help the next generation. By standing by the belief that all children deserve to have an excellent education and a school that cares about each student and their individualized learning skills.

To do this Rocketship Education employs five major core characteristics. First is authenticity, which allows transparency in the school’s work to assess not only those it teaches but itself as well. Second is community, which is the backbone of any education and with it perception and understanding expands. Third is tenacity, which gives one the courage to pursue their educational goals until they are achieved and lets one rise to the challenges of life. Fourth is innovation, which provided students, teachers and family members with the best possible ways to make what is impossible possible. Lastly is excellence, the core characteristic that holds the short and long term solutions to help all children succeed.


Securus technologies: Combating Crime Using Technology

The world we live today is composed of very advanced technologies which are used to make our daily operations easy. Almost every system in society has obtained a new way of conducting its responsibilities. With the rising levels of crime in society, eyes have been turned to technology to come up with ways of combating crime. It is this idea that led to the establishment of Securus technologies.


From its name we can understand aspects of security and technology; the company’s basic function is to provide crime solving solutions to correction centers, investigative bodies, and organizations engaging in public safety programs. The technological feature by Securus Technologies has enabled reduction of crime rates in our society to a great extent. The chair of the company informs us that the company comes up with a new feature on a weekly basis that in a way or two helps security bodies to control crime.


The chair goes ahead to proudly show off letters and emails that contain reviews from satisfied customers. The company serves over 3000 law enforcement, investigative, and safety bodies across America. Some of the reviews read “I have been working with the firm for over a decade and we have trusted the features of Securus Technologies to put our correctional facility in order.” Another note read “the investigatory features provided by Securus Technologies like call tracking and tapping has enabled us to bring many criminals into the book and prevent some crimes from happening.”


About Secures Technology


Securus Technologies is a tech come security organization based in Texas. It specializes in providing tech solutions to inmates, investigators, and security officers to facilitate their jobs and make their works easier. It serves more than 1,000,000 prisoners across America and enables them to connect with their families and keep their safety while behind bars. The company’s main objective is to make our society a safe place.


How Vincent Parascandola Progessed From Being A Finanancial Rookie

Vincent Parascondola is the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. He is a reputable financial advisor, and his expertise spans over a period of 20 years. Hence, he is considered to be highly experienced. Experience is the best teacher, and for Vincent Parascondola, it’s his experience that has led him to achieve a lot in life. Dating back 1987 when he got into the financial management industry as a Rookie, he continuously honed his skills to the point that he was recognized as the best Rookie of the year.

Therefore, it is no surprise that three years later he was absorbed by MONY Life Insurance, where his work was to oversee the activities carried out within field offices associated with the company in the whole of United States region. His disciplined nature saw him work there for 14 years before proceeding to join AXA Advisors in 2004. When Vincent joined AXA Advisors, he initially acted as President of The Advantage Group, which is a department within AXA that recruits savvy financial advisors.

Give credit where it is due. Vinny proved to be highly resourceful in his leadership style, and he has been awarded numerous awards in the course of his career which include, but not limited to the GAMA Career Development and the Master Agency Awards. It doesn’t stop there as Vinny is a public speaker as well, who knows what should be said to the audience, a factor that makes him a highly sought after public personality. Also known as Vinny, his responsibilities revolve around management of the company’s human resource activities.

He is an alumnus of Pace University from where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science. His Curriculum Vitae is impressive, judging by his education background and experience, setting the bar high in as far as financial consulting industry is concerned. Therefore, he is a person who can deliver undoubtedly high-quality results to his clients and change the society in a better and more fruitful way.


Paul Mampilly: King Of Investment

Paul Mampilly worked on Wall Street for 20 years and during that time he worked his way to the top of the pack. During the market crash, he found success by managing private fund accounts. He knew that the worst thing he could do at that time was copy other people and be careful.

In taking a little bit of risk, he was able to make over 70 percent profit while other companies were falling apart. He also worked as the Director and Editor of Investment for FDA Trader. During that time he gave Agora Financial advice that led to a huge amount of success for them.

Paul Mampilly is also very interested to see where technology leads the investment world. He believes that it is important to invest in technology because it is rapidly rising in the stocks. Technology is an integral part of the future and this is reflected in the stock market. Paul Mampilly believes he was able to become so successful in his career because he used his real life experience to advance his knowledge. Paul Mampilly carefully watches for patterns in the stock market and uses that to identify what the upcoming trends will be.

Paul Mampilly is a successful investor that previously ran one of the most successful hedge funds in the history of the United States. His expertise and widely known success were recognized by the Templeton Foundation when he was the winner of their impressive investment competition. He has spoken on the air at Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and CNBC in order to educate people about their finances. He now runs a newsletter that advises people on how to invest their money in the most profitable stocks.

Paul Mampilly is also the Senior Editor for The Sovereign Society. He focuses on imparting his extensive Wall Street knowledge to others so that they can experience the same success that he has. He attended the Fordham Gabelli School of Business in order to earn his MBA in Finance. Before that, he got his Bachelors degree in finance and accounting from the Montclair State University.

Fast & Effective Natural Skin Brightening

The Skincare Industry is by far one of the most popular, profitable, as well as demanding industries in current time. This billion dollar industry is full products and brands no matter where you look. If you’re a person of color then many of these brands will do little to nothing when it comes to giving you radiant smooth skin. They will cleanse the skin, but brightening it is certainly left to chance. Luckily there is Makari.

The Swahili word of Makari means “beautiful” and it is the very definition of the word itself. This exclusive brand does the best job for those whom are looking to brighten their skin in a natural way. The brand has 10 years under it’s belt and a host of products to choose from whether it’s in gel, soap, cream, serum, or lotion form. Makari Skin whitening Cream products brightens the skin without the harsh side effects of other similar products.

It’s benefits includes organic ingredients that are proven, powerful concentrates, gentle on the skin, and safe to consistently use on a daily basis. Makari de Suisse is changing the industry for the better by raising the bar, setting new trends, and changing the current status quo of success. For more info, visit




The Presidential Battle Continues For George Soros And The Democratic Party

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election on may not have gone to plan for the Democratic party who have now been working on their own plans to battle the incoming administration of Republican Donald Trump. One of the most important figures in the Democratic party has recently been seen as George Soros who has always been seen as one of the main donors towards Democratic candidates and programs in the U.S. and around the world; Soros has gone so far as to develop his own Open Society Foundations with the aim of bringing democracy to the people of the world who are currently living in closed societies.

The 2015 return to political giving of George Soros coincided with the Hungarian born hedge fund expert also make his daily trading return, which has seen him make decisions throughout his career based upon global political events. Donations have been seen to be made by George Soros towards the campaign of Hillary Clinton in a number of different ways, particularly in the wake of the former Secretary of State’s decision to provide Soros with an open door to discuss policy over the last couple of years. For the campaign of Hillary Clinton, George Soros donated around $15 million in his bid to aid the election of the former New York Senator.

Alongside the donations made to the Clinton campaign, a number of Super PAC’s also benefited from the financial aid of George Soros that included around $7 million provided to the Priorities USA Super PAC. A further $3 million was also donated to a number of other Super PAC’s by Soros as he aimed to help Clinton in as many ways as possible. Democrat fears over the way many minority groups are treated during U.S. elections led George Soros to provide an estimated $5 million in funding for groups seeking to protect the human rights of Hispanic and African American voters during the election cycle.

The November 2016 election victory of Donald Trump was followed by an already planned event for the George Soros founded Democracy Alliance on Politico, which the hedge fund icon had originally not planned to attend. Instead, George Soros quickly changed his plans on the morning after the election results were announced and decided to speak on the final day of the three day event. One of the major concerns for George Soros has been the protection of the legacy of President Barrack Obama, including the Obamacare program on Forbes that is a major target for Republican’s to destroy. In a wide range of areas George Soros has made a major impact on the democracy we all value and hopes to protect that by heading the fight against the Administration of Donald Trump from the very first day with the aid of other donors and major figures in the Democratic party.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is a United States-based company issuing real estate property title reports. For the business, nothing gives them much honor than to provide seamless access to property titles. In this case, the company has worked to respond to the call of action which concerns the property titles and their defects to make a better mortgage industry. Therefore, they have also developed an online application platform through their website with the online ordering platform.


According to Nationwide Title Clearing, these property defects have become a major cause of concern with the real estate markets. In the recent past, there have been rampant cases of injustices where the mortgage market has worked to develop a mechanism to curb the crisis. For this reason, some people are concerned with these effects and feel that they are the main causes of the wrongful foreclosures. In the same case, many others also feel that they are the ones leading to the stagnation of what would be called a seamless business transaction of selling and buying the real estate properties in the United States. The smooth transition of properties in this market is what people want.


According to Nationwide Title Clearing, the meaning of property records is well understood by those the stagnation of business has happened to them. They know that the ownership records are the key to the reduction of the risk of foreclosure and buyback. In the end, they are also the key to the performance of a clear conveyance procedure. Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document-processing company which is also dedicated towards the research of title deeds and property documents in the United States. For this reason, the company has worked to aid the financial and mortgage industry to take steps towards the issuance of security-based products in the world.


Nationwide Title Clearing has also announced that they have taken steps to have the online ordering of property titles seamless through the development of the new website while there are many reasons why the property titles can defect, of the leading causes of defection is when someone else holds false claim on a property which does not belong to them. Property title defects also have causes which include the following:

  • There are simple issues which concern the wording of a document which has no compliance with the property titles of that region in the United States. This causes title detection automatically.

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Brian Bonar Brings His Food To San Diego

Brian Bonar is an expert investor who has received countless praise for his work in the investment industry. He has shown his willingness to make proper decisions with money, and he is moving out of investments into food. This article explains how Brian is coming to San Diego to show off the food that he loves. He is building a web of food that will help those in the San Diego area taste something new and different.

#1: What Sort Of Food Does Brian Love?

Brian loves quite a lot of food, and he is particularly interested in French cuisine. He wants his customers to come into an establishment that serves the lightest of French cuisine. He has an idea of what a French bistro will serve, and he wishes to remain in-line with those ideal when all his customers walk through the door. Those who are at Bellamy’s will eat the lightest cuisine, and they will find it fun to sit back in the soft atmosphere.

#2: Where Is Bellamy’s?

Bellamy’s is in historic downtown Escondido where all the restaurants are named for families. There are quite a few places in the area that have the family atmosphere, and he believes it is important his business fits in. Brian named the place Bellamy’s as a nod to tradition, and he is creating something that is non-traditional on the inside. The food is French in style, and it is light enough for anyone who may sit at the bar all night.

#3: What Is Brian Building Outside The City?

According to San Deigo Magaznine, Brian Bonar believes it is important to have more options for eaters, and he has started The Ranch at Bandy Canyon where diners may come outside the city for a meal in a large event space. He wants to see events in the building, and he wants to serve a lovely dinner course every night. He has a dream of sharing as much French food as possible with the people of San Diego, and he is making destinations that everyone must try.

#4: How Is Brian Building Better Businesses?

Businesses are built on a foundation of business prowess that Brian knows well, and he is making decisions for his businesses that will keep them healthy. He knows how to make a restaurant profitable, and he is creating food that he knows his clients will enjoy. His passion for the food is obvious, and the manner in which he presents it is that much better.

Brian Bonar is bringing better food to the San Diego area, and he is in love with the area’s lively food scene. He wants to attract everyone who loves food, loves France and wishes to see them come together.

Looking for a Sweet, Refreshing Flavor of Lip Balm?

When shopping for lip balm, the flavor isn’t always your first priority. In most cases, you’re looking for something to soothe and moisturize your lips, while being affordable and portable enough to take anywhere. But the flavor of your lip balm is more important than many people realize. You want something sweet and soothing, not a sharp, stinging, unpleasant taste that makes you wipe it off a few minutes later. But with so many brands on the market, how do you choose?

EOS lip balm offers a wide range of flavors with sweet, fruity, and minty tastes that soothe your lips with all-natural ingredients. Unlike other lip balm brands, EOS is completely natural and gluten-free, making it safe for anyone to use. And with EOS, you won’t be limited to just the generic fruit flavors. EOS offers exclusive tastes and flavor combinations that ensure that you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy. Browse the Facebook page for full product gallery.

Looking for Something Sweet?

Sweet flavors are overlooked by most brands of lip balm. But if you prefer a sweeter taste, EOS offers a selection of flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. The sweet mint lip balm moisturizes your lips with a cool, refreshing taste. EOS also offers a strawberry sorbet flavor with the sweet, cooling taste of ice cream. And during the holidays, you can buy the vanilla bean flavor for a smooth, moisturizing taste year-round.

Ready to Purchase EOS Lip Balm?

If you want to buy your own sphere of EOS lip balm and try it out for yourself, EOS products are available at the official EOS website and major retailers like Target, Walmart, Ulta and even Racked. The affordable prices and wide range of products make it easy to find something that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Nathaniel Ru Dares to be Different

Nathaniel Ru is thinking ahead. There is one thing that people can say about him that they cannot say about many other restaurant founders: he is innovative. In 2017, Nathaniel Ru has his mind on going completely cashless in restaurants. This is something that has never been tried before for multiple restaurants. Nathaniel Ru believes that he can put this off though.


This cashless restaurant can work for a place like Sweetgreen because this is not the typical restaurant. It may be a trend that Nathaniel Ru could implement and get other restaurants to follow. He has done something unique by taking healthy food and turning it into something cool. This is something that people may not have thought was possible. Nathaniel Ru looked at this seemingly impossible concept and actually got $98 million in venture capitalist funds. Nathaniel Ru has a knack for taking impossible concepts and making these things possible. That is what he is good at. This is the reason that the new implementation of cashless stores may be something else that he can pull off with his Sweetgreen restaurants.


The idea of a cashless restaurant isn’t all that far-fetched. Most people are already using plastic. Nathaniel Ru may just be one of the first people that is bold enough to do this on a wide scale. He is bold enough to try it because he knows about the possible pay off. There is certainly a level of risk – a very high risk of alienating some customers – but the payoff is so much greater. The first thing that the cashless restaurant does is makes customers feel safer. There are no robberies at cashless stores. There is no money to steal. This also cuts down on the possible theft that could occur with employees that might be tempted to steal money.


Another thing that is beneficial about this cashless environment is the improvement in hygiene. Physical cash money is dirty. This is one of the quickest ways so spread germs. When there is a cashless environment there are fewer germs being spread. This is something that is very important in an environment where food is being served. This says a lot about what Nathaniel Ru thinking about for his Sweetgreen customers. He has already put together some great healthy menu items. Now he is putting forth the effort to help reduce germs in his restaurants. This is exciting because it means that Nathaniel Ru is trying to step it up and stay innovative.


So many restaurant chains have just become stuck in a rut. The executives are doing the same things. They are not thinking outside of the box at all. Nathaniel Ru dares to be different.