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Betsy DeVos Touching the Lives of Many in the U.S

Elizabeth Betsy DeVos has been active in the U.S. political scene for over 3 decades and has had a very successful political career.She went to Calvin College in Michigan from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Betsy has always had a great passion for education, and this is why she is so committed to reforming the U.S. public education system. This passion is what won her the position she hold currently as U.S. Secretary of Education.


Betsy loves giving back to the community, and she does this through her involvement with various philanthropic organizations. She was the chair of the Philanthropy Roundtable and The American Federation for Children. She was also a member of the boards of directors of several non-profit organizations such as the Foundation for Excellence in Education, the American Enterprise Institute, the University of Maryland DeVos Institute for Arts Management, and ArtPrize.


Betsy is happily married to Dick DeVos and has four children. Together with her husband, they founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which raises funds through various fund raising activities and supports a number of philanthropic organizations whose main focus is on leadership, education, justice, the arts and community. Some of the organizations supported by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation include Project Clarity, which is an initiative to restore the quality of water in Lake Macatawa, the Inner City Christian Federation, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and the DeVos Institute of Arts Management. The DeVos Institute of Arts Management was also started by Betsy DeVos and her husband to train managers of art institutions so that they can manage them better. To date, Betsy and her husband have donated well over $100 million to charity.




Betsy DeVos’s kind heart has benefited many children in various parts of the U.S. By investing so much in reforming the public education system in the country, Betsy is securing the country’s future since those children are the leaders of tomorrow. She has achieved a lot in her life and her relentless spirit is sure to take her to even greater heights in her political career and in life in general.


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