Martins Money Tips

Martin Lewis is a UK-based financial journalist, who specialises in helping consumers to fight big retailers and financial organisations.

He has a website which is jam-packed with information, continually updated, and sends out a weekly newsletter highlighting tips, finds and suggestions.

He has written a couple of books – both are worth reading by anyone no matter where you live as many of the tips are relevant to all of us, but can only be bought from the Amazon UK site.



This is the link to his Budget planner – do you spend more than you earn?

This is an online tool you can use month by month – a real help once you decide you are ready to get a proper grip on where your money actually goes.

But it’s not all serious stuff – he is a fantastic source of Freebies

Whether it’s free flights, gym passes, cash, pants, face cream, games or books, it’s all available for free on the internet if you know where to look. Some of it is ‘grab it while you can’ but there’s a lot of permanently accessible free stuff too.