Getting Licensed By The American Institute Of Architecture

Founded in 1857, the American Institute of Architects is dedicated to the advancement of the ideals of the architectural profession. As such, it represents architects interests, advances architectural values as well as improving the quality of service. Since its inception, it has consistently served the interests of American building designers. For this reason, it oversees the process of licensing architects, partners, and emerging professionals. As part of its mandate, the AIA emphasizes its member’s commitment to architectural design principles in building as well as to the nation.

In its capacity, the AIA has three tiers that represent architects locally, statewide as well as at the national levels. For this reason, professionals in the industry become members of the local, state, or national AIA chapters. To obtain membership in the AIA, members tender a single application. Through this request, professionals gain access to a vast amount of resources that enhances one’s competitiveness in the market. Besides that, you also have access to a repository of a structural body of knowledge regarding professional issues.

As part of its activities, the AIA engages professionals through advocacy, community building, and dissemination of information. In the recent past, it is actively providing continuing education opportunities to architects. Ongoing training helps professionals in the industry improve skills, their knowledge, and adhere to industry regulations. The AIA achieves these goals through:

– The provision of web resources for entry-level designers
- Performance of market research and analysis of prevailing economic conditions
- Taking the lead in architectural advocacy between architects, regulators, local, state, and national governments
– The promotion of public faith in the architectural profession through symposiums, tours, and events
- Recognition of outstanding architects for adhering to excellent design, industry as well as professional principles

Obtaining a License from the AIA

Now, let us turn our attention to what is required to become an AIA licensed member. To begin with, an architect must possess a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in architecture. All states require that one apprentice under a supervising architect to gain experience as well as earn AXP credits. An additional prerequisite is a pass in the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE). This exam consists of multiple exams to test your abilities and knowledge in related architectural practices. Upon the successful completion of these exams as well as gaining needed experience, you can apply for a license. Though individual states grant licenses, you can obtain licenses in multiple states. For all these stages, the AIA offers various resources to help you meet licensing requirements.

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