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Details on the Ted Bauman’s Impressive Editorial Career and Achievements

     Ted Bauman is a renowned entrepreneur and a graduate of the University of Cape Town. He has a degree in economics and history. Ted Bauman also works at the Banyan Hill Publishing where he edits journals, such as Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert, and The Bauman Letter. Ted Bauman’s specialty is in international migration, asset protection, and management of low-risk investment strategies.


Ted Bauman’s professional background

Ted Bauman’s mission is to help people control and protect their wealth. He encourages people to invest on the Alpha Stock Alert since it is one of the safest ways to save and grow one’s investments. The Alpha Stock Alert is also a more reliable retirement plan for people looking for financial freedom. Ted Bauman has published interesting articles that address problems faced by people and countries. His articles highlight the plight of the world and try to provide possible solutions to these existing problems. Ted Bauman has made a name for himself globally and is one of the most sought-after professionals in South Africa. Ted Bauman works with other experienced professionals such as Ian Dyer, an analyst, Michael Carr, senior editor, and Jessica Cohn-Kleinberg, a managing director at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Bauman also writes articles for The Sovereign Investor Daily and the weekly newsletter. This professional has also served as a full-time researcher. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman worked at the Habitat for Humanity International as a director for International Housing Programs. During his tenure in this organization, Ted Bauman spent his time traveling to the Caribbean and Latin America. He has also been actively involved in conducting research, and he shares his findings through authoring articles. Ted Bauman’s focus was on international issues, particularly development and business. He also wrote about housing, urban planning issues, and finance. Ted Bauman worked in collaboration with stakeholders such as the South African government, the United Nations, and various European Agencies.

Ted Bauman also worked for non-profit organizations in South Africa. He has also published articles in different international journals, including Small Enterprise Development, Environment & Urbanization, the Journal of Microfinance, and the South African Press. Ted Bauman also has ties to the Cape Times, Cape Argus, and the Guardian. This professional is one of the most experienced editors in the field of journalism. His works speak for themselves. Ted Bauman has co-authored “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally),” a book that talks about how to protect your wealth, save on taxes, grow money, and secure financial peace.

Protect Your Assets with Oxford Club

In Santa Fe, New Mexico last week Oxford Club Private Wealth Seminar met. And the age old question was brought up, “Once I reach retirement, how much money should I have in stocks?”. The answer is it depends on your age, health, size of portfolio and monthly overhead. Now more and more Americans are living a longer life, meaning that when people use to retire at 65, they had enough money. Now, since we are living longer you will need more money for your retirement. Although having too much invested during a bear market, can be a cause for financial disaster. By having a lot to cash in on during a bear market will not help you have any money to help supplement your monthly bills during retirement. You can avoid this by doing a retirement rebalance. To do this, you figure out how much you would need a month in cash and low-risk bonds. You should then set this amount aside for at least five years. This is because the average bear market lasts 15 months and can loose up to 32% of a stocks value. The turn around time for your stocks are about 3 years. Although, sometimes it can take up to five years to recover. During this time you would be loosing money rather than being able to supplement your bills. If you don’t have enough in a portfolio to do this there are other options so you can save: Reduce your living expenses, Work longer, save more, set aside three- or four-year reserve rather than five, and invest in a higher return rate.

The Oxford Club is a financial organization that have members in over 100 countries. They offer the top rated investment research and ways to achieve long lasting wealth. They offer free publications to help you, all the way to research services.

They are a selective group that have members that are looking to help each other with investments and helping protect their wealth while maintaining it for many years. They have a easy to use strategy to have help members invest safely, without too much risk.