Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Whenever you need to search for anything on a search engine like Google, you always get a Wikipedia link that is always relevant to your search query. It is always among the top four or five search results all the time. This is a clear indication that Wikipedia can be exploited for your business gain due to the prime real estate it occupies on the results page of every Google searches. Your business page will be able to enjoy an automatic r on Google. It also presents a very effective and cost-effective marketing tool that you can use to build the reputation of your brand, company, services or products online when you make a Wikipedia page for your business. You will be able to have an extra website on your business appearing among the first search results on Google and the SEO it gets will be free of charge. Apart from the online presence and reputation that you will be able to gain from it, there are some other added benefits that your business will stand to enjoy from Wikipedia.

Benefits of Wikipedia Page Creation for your Business

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business will result in your business’ online reputation and sales increasing tremendously due to the impact that it will create on your business. All this is possible due to the various benefits that businesses that have created their Wikipedia pages enjoy. When you create a Wiki page, you will be able to edit about your biography, brand or business whenever you wish on the website. This will enable you to pass more information to your prospective customers regarding your products and services. The other advantage of having this page on Wikipedia will be the significant improvement that your business will experience as the reputation of your brand will soar online. Your brand will be able to have a level of authenticity, prestige and credibility. This will make prospective customers to trust your brand more leading to more sales. Your business will be depicted with more integrity due to the credible and additional website presence.

However, anyone can make Wiki edits to any page so it is important to monitor your page frequently to be sure that none of the updates are harmful to your reputation. This is why hiring a Wikipedia monitoring service can be fruitful for some businesses. When you update a Wikipedia page, you must follow the rules of Wikipedia which can become complicated even for the most versed marketers and writers. That’s why hiring Wikipedia editors from a trusted site like Get Your Wiki is imperative for a business serious about putting their best digital foot forward.

Getting Started

Despite the fact that there are so many guidelines on how businesses can be able to write their Wikipedia pages, this task comes with a lot of work and could be grueling for a newbie. It is usually recommended that companies or businesses should make use of the expert help available at This will take out the headache associated with creating the page on your own and also reduce the risk of your page being deleted.

Leader of Police Union Puts a Charge Against D.A.

George Gascon has been criticizing the police union that he used to be the leader of. He has also been making some critical remarks against the police department while he was filled with booze. Gary Delagnes, who was a former president of the Police Officer’s Association has stated that Gascon has actually said something racist during his drunken rant. Gascon has set up an investigation on the police force in relationship to the alleged racism and homophobia in the police force. As one would expect, this has angered the police force a bit and has resulted in a response to the statements made against it.


Among the things that Delagnes has said in his testimony is that the D.A.’s way of handling things effects a change for the worse in the police force. Given the many issues that come as a result of upholding the law, it is no surprise that there are issues within the ranks. Delagnes himself has been in the police force for 25 years and is known for being very blunt when it comes to the topic. He also is known for delivering a verbal knockout blow in order to conclude his point. Before retiring in 2013, he has spent 9 years as the president of the POA.


Among the things that Delagnes recalls is how the district attorney got so loud and animated that a patron of African American descent has asked him to cool down due to how offensive his words were. He wanted his family to be able to enjoy themselves without having to hear such ignorance. Delagnes definitely has dirt on people and can call people on their hypocrisy whenever needed. Delagnes’s testimony was also backed up by someone named Halloran, who has said that he will provide more detail if he was called to testify.

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Brad Reifler: A Businessman You Can Trust with Financial Matters

Brad Reifler, Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Markets Management since 2009, is a man you can trust with your financial future. He has immense amounts of experience managing several companies in the United States and is also a Trustee of the Millbrook School and board member on several organizations, including Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and the European Investment Bank.

His career began after graduating from Bowdoin College with a degree in economics and political science in the 1980’s. Late in the decade he formed Reifler Trading Company, a firm specializing in financial research. Due to his diligence, the company became one of the largest independent operations in the country. He has since sold the company to RefcoInc. Soon after, CrunchBase tells us he founded Pali Capital and oversaw its operations from 1995 to 2008, seeing it grow in revenues to $200 million annually by the end of his tenure. Eventually revenues exceeded $1 billion and it became one of the most important and successful firms on Wall Street.

He not only is successful in his own right; he assists those less fortunate in securing their financial futures. He founded the Forefront Income Trust, which helps those of middle or lower income invest in lucrative opportunities. It has been termed one of the best schemes to save families from poverty and has done great good in the time since its founding.

Reifler now focuses his time on Forefront Capital which he founded, serving currently as CEO. It is a global financial services firm that is known to attract some of the most influential and high profile business leaders. It is based in New York. Their connections make things possible for their clients that they could not do otherwise at a boutique firm. They view their clients as long-term business partners and aim to add value beyond the basics, like investment capital.  Follow Brad on Twitter, where he keeps up to date with finance news as it happens.

Skout Makes The World A Better Place


One of the biggest regrets that people have in life is that they didn’t travel enough. It’s understandable that they weren’t able too. Many people have job commitments, home life commitments, or simply not enough money to travel with. It bums people out because they didn’t get the experience. They didn’t get to see new sights and sounds or meet new people. Fortunately, there is a modern solution for those who have the travel bug. That solution is found right from the palm of their hand. There’s an app called Skout and it’s all about bridging the divide between certain states and even certain countries.

Skout has a travel feature which allows users to speak to others who live in a certain geographical area. This is perfect for those who have always dreamed of far away places like Europe. They can talk to people and see what it’s really like to live there! They can also make friends with them! That way, if a person ever wants to travel to Europe, they have a friend who can either show them around or even give them a cheap place to stay. For those who still can’t travel, they can glimpse into a new world by swapping photos and stories with this person. Skout also allows users to travel because they can shake their phone and meet someone new! That’s a great feature for those who are also shy. It gives them an excuse to start up a conversation with someone.

Skout has recently made the news for another positive achievement. PR Newswire has discussed how users can now give one another virtual gifts. For every virtual gift that is sent, SKout donates to a charity. This is a great way for people to have fun and to profit a good cause. Users love the virtual gifts because it shows that someone else is thinking of them.

Overall, Skout is a great friendship and dating app because it combines the best of both worlds. It’s a platform that allows users to branch out. There are so many other applications out there that make users talk to someone within a certain amount of miles. That’s not how Skout operates because Skout wants to connect the world. The more people who get to know one another through this app then the happier the world is. That’s because it really helps people to gain a new understanding and appreciation for a different culture.

Stay connected with your loved ones around the world. Download the Skout app at

Sam Tabar: An Expert in Business Development

When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, it takes a combination of education and experience in a variety of areas. Whether it’s finance, law, marketing, or other related areas, they all must come together in order to create an atmosphere conducive to business development. While many of today’s top business professionals have backgrounds in these areas, few have the background that incorporates all of them into a winning combination. However, Sam Tabar is one of those professionals. As one of the rising stars in business and finance, Sam uses his skills and abilities daily to help clients around the world reach their business development goals.

With an education that combines business and law, Sam is uniquely qualified to understand what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive business world. Whether he is meeting with Fortune 500 executives on Wall Street or flying to Hong Kong to discuss new and innovative global business strategies with international business managers, Sam is always able to answer whatever questions may arise during these meetings. Using his vast knowledge of contract law as well as compliance and regulatory issues, Sam is viewed by those in the finance industry as one of the most well-versed experts in various issues related to hedge fund development.

While spending much of his time with business executives around the world, Sam is also known for working with individual investors as well. In fact, he has gained a reputation for being able to attract new investors to hedge fund opportunities better that any other finance professional. Using his excellent interpersonal communication skills, he regularly attracts investors from all walks of life to his firms. As an example of his skills in investor relations, Sam worked with potential investors the world over until he had developed a rolodex containing the names of more than 1,200 investors. Using these potential investors, Sam then went to work explaining the benefits of hedge fund investing and development, eventually helping raise in excess of $1.2 billion for his firm.

Viewed the world over as an expert in business development, Sam is now consulted by companies across the world for new ideas regarding business development and strategic planning. Whether he is working with people from Wall Street or Main Street, Sam’s talents and abilities have helped transform the fortunes of companies and individuals everywhere. In the years to come, it’s expected this will continue.  Contact Sam through Thumbtack, or you can read more about his career on LinkedIn.

Legacy Originates From Father’s Letter To His Son

A legendary chief executive officer and philanthropist shared the essence of a letter he found in a safety deposit box following his father’s death.

As Fred Koch’s health declined, he asked his son Charles to come back and run the company or he would have to sell it.

Charles Koch, chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, a position he has held since his father’s death in 1967, opened up to share the message his father left in a letter dated January 22, 1936.

Fred Koch outlined the approach Charles and his brothers should take when managing the family fortune and also stated they should always be kind and generous to one another.

He explained that giving his sons a large sum of money at the age of 21 could be either a blessing or a curse as it could be a valuable tool or be squandered.

The letter read in part: “You can choose to let the money destroy your initiative and independence then it will be a curse to you and my action in giving this to you will have been a mistake and I know you are not going to let me down.”

The letter also pointed out that adversity is without doubt the most prominent character builder.

Koch said his parents always made their best effort to teach their children values and he was blessed to have them. He said they needed to learn to work hard by the time they reached 30 or they would never be productive.

According to Koch, he was a bit of a trouble maker growing up and his parents passed along their work ethic to their sons from an early age. Early on his lessons started with digging up dandelions, bailing hay and milking cows.

His father impressed on him that he would learn things from working that he could never learn in school.

Today Koch Industries is one of the largest private companies in the world with an estimated worth of $100 billion.

Koch funds and supports philanthropic activities such as research and educational projects and public policies. In 2015, he also released a book “Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies.”

He has earned three degrees including a Bachelor’s Degree as well as two Master’s Degrees in engineering. Koch and his wife have two children and two grandchildren.

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John Goullet as an Entrepreneur

John Goullet is a name that is synonymous with information technology, and his success in the field first started as a consultant. Goullet began building a career in staffing in the mid 90’s, as the need for help with IT began to emerge. At the time, most companies had their own IT department, using very little outsourcing.

Goullet’s first staffing company, Info Technologies, a company that would focus on serving Fortune 500 companies. The company quickly grew successful, bringing in nearly $30 million within the first five years. The numbers for a young company were astounding, giving the company a boost to a rank of eighth among companies listed with Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies.

John became connected with Gene Waddy in 2010, the current CEO of Diversant. The goal for both Waddy and John Goullet was to be the first name recognized in the world of IT. Staffing for IT is still a great need today as many companies have either reduced their IT staff and are looking for outside assistance.

Having a company to rely on with executives and expert staff is essential for the success of these companies that are focused on serving the IT industry as well as those that are building a force for training in IT. Diversant is still one of the most successful companies today for the purpose of IT staffing and training and is recognized as one of the best in the MBE small business firms. When the need arises for help with IT servicing and staffing, will you think of Diversant?

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