The Presidential Battle Continues For George Soros And The Democratic Party

The 2016 U.S. Presidential election on may not have gone to plan for the Democratic party who have now been working on their own plans to battle the incoming administration of Republican Donald Trump. One of the most important figures in the Democratic party has recently been seen as George Soros who has always been seen as one of the main donors towards Democratic candidates and programs in the U.S. and around the world; Soros has gone so far as to develop his own Open Society Foundations with the aim of bringing democracy to the people of the world who are currently living in closed societies.

The 2015 return to political giving of George Soros coincided with the Hungarian born hedge fund expert also make his daily trading return, which has seen him make decisions throughout his career based upon global political events. Donations have been seen to be made by George Soros towards the campaign of Hillary Clinton in a number of different ways, particularly in the wake of the former Secretary of State’s decision to provide Soros with an open door to discuss policy over the last couple of years. For the campaign of Hillary Clinton, George Soros donated around $15 million in his bid to aid the election of the former New York Senator.

Alongside the donations made to the Clinton campaign, a number of Super PAC’s also benefited from the financial aid of George Soros that included around $7 million provided to the Priorities USA Super PAC. A further $3 million was also donated to a number of other Super PAC’s by Soros as he aimed to help Clinton in as many ways as possible. Democrat fears over the way many minority groups are treated during U.S. elections led George Soros to provide an estimated $5 million in funding for groups seeking to protect the human rights of Hispanic and African American voters during the election cycle.

The November 2016 election victory of Donald Trump was followed by an already planned event for the George Soros founded Democracy Alliance on Politico, which the hedge fund icon had originally not planned to attend. Instead, George Soros quickly changed his plans on the morning after the election results were announced and decided to speak on the final day of the three day event. One of the major concerns for George Soros has been the protection of the legacy of President Barrack Obama, including the Obamacare program on Forbes that is a major target for Republican’s to destroy. In a wide range of areas George Soros has made a major impact on the democracy we all value and hopes to protect that by heading the fight against the Administration of Donald Trump from the very first day with the aid of other donors and major figures in the Democratic party.