The Market is Ripe for New Home Buyers to Take Advantage of a Personal Mortgage Loan

“Despite the gains made in recent years, there is still a discouraging sentiment amongst the general public that the troubles the economy has faced in the recent decade are still ongoing and investing in a new personal mortgage loan still involves tremendous risk, however the reality is that all indicators within the economy show a healthy and growing market that is ripe for anyone considering a new personal mortgage loan” said John Holt when he was invited to take part in a panel at the Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. John Holt, President and CEO of Nexbank which is one of Texas’ fastest growing and most innovative banks, stressed that combating this illusion is something banks should be heavily involved in, saying “At NexBank we have begun an aggressive campaign to ease consumer fears of a volatile market and the results have been very encouraging.”

Speaking on a panel that addressed “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”, Mr. Holt explained that NexBank has introduced a wide variety of different plans for consumers interested in taking advantage of a healthy and growing mortgage loan market. “I’ve noticed that consumers feel they do not have much choice in the type of personal mortgage loan they will receive when they go to a bank, but at NexBank we believe allowing consumers to tailor a personal mortgage loan to fit their needs encourages them to take part in the market, so we have introduced plans for every type of personal mortgage loan like Jumbo Mortgages and refinancing, or rural development loans and fixed rate options.” Mr. Holt further explained that “Offering a variety of options to our consumers have directly benefited both us and the community as a whole by introducing new home owners to further grow the market and promote the continued recovery.”

NexBank has been proud to call itself a leader in the personal home mortgage arena for almost 100 years. Priding itself by the motto “Execution. Flexibility. Expertise.”, NexBank offers a wide range of services and assistance to anyone in the Texas area seeking a new personal mortgage loan or refinancing an existing one.