Get Your Wiki On with the Professionals

Wikipedia has become peoples online go to for information on a wide range of subjects from businesses, biographies to history. Each month over 80,000 Wikipedia editors and writers work on the content on the pages with over 5 billion articles to date. These writers will create or edit a Wikipedia page in their own time and without recognition or compensation. So it is staggering to think Wikipedia is after 15 years still going strong and available in over 282 languages.

Two scientists with backgrounds in economics wanted to look further into how this open source encyclopedia platform continues to attract so many contributors. The answer simply put is the contributors are attracting each other. The researchers found that the more Wiki edits made to an article led to additional edits and so forth. In addition the research found that the more edits that were made the more quality the page becomes. This is due to the fact that more and more reference links are added to the bottom when editors update a Wikipedia page and the site uses that as part of their ranking system.

These findings remind us that Wikipedia is a powerful force on the internet and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. If you are a person or business thinking about creating your own Wikipedia page you may also want to think about hiring Wikipedia experts to create and maintain it for you. Due to Wikipedia’s popularity, it is often one of the first pages that comes up on a Google search. A company such as, Get your Wiki, can help make sure your page is putting you in the best light possible. Experts at Get Your Wiki have experience with the proper formatting and reference material needed to be viewed positively in the Wikipedia search rankings. Wikipedia has its own guidelines that each page must follow in terms of formatting, so if you are not familiar with the guidelines it can be lengthy process to learn.

In addition while the majority of the editors on Wikipedia are well-intentioned there are always malicious people out there who could potential harm your reputation with unfair Wikipedia revisions. Due to the nature of the open source program anyone can edit a Wiki page at any time-  whether it belongs to them or not – without your knowledge. A professional company will monitor any changes made to your page to mitigate any damage that could be done to you or your company’s reputation.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites around the globe so if you are thinking of putting your information up there, you should hire Wikipedia editors of Get Your Wiki”

John Goullet’s story: A Clear Reflection of Success and Commitment

Diversant LLC is a diversity based firm located in the US that provides a diversified and wide range of IT staffing and solutions to clients in the information and technology world. This firm was formed as a result of Info Technologies merging with Diversant Incorporation in February 1st, 2010. Despite many economic downturns, this firm has managed to grow in its operations thus developing an excellent reputation among many Fortune 500 companies. Diversant LLC majors in the provision of IT staffing solutions such as innovative diversity solutions, direct hire and IT staff augmentation. The services and products offered are based on transformative ideas as well as original methodologies, therefore, meeting all the needs of clients and the community being served as well.

Being the largest and best African-American owned firm, clients are well served and treated as true business partners of the firm. This company operates under a set of strict guiding principles that are designed to accommodate all arising needs of clients. The main focus of employees in Diversant LLC is to ensure that customers receive solutions and services that fully satisfy them. In addition to the principles, business at Diversant LLC is conducted with utmost integrity, discipline and professional development among others. This firm has had great achievements due to its good management as well as ethical business practices.
Contribution of John Goullet in Diversant LLC

John is the principal of Divergent LLC and has had a great impact on the success of this firm. His wide experience in IT has enabled him to come up with solutions for critical issues arising from evolving technologies. After graduating from UrisnusCollege where he concentrated in information and technology, Goullet joined the IT staffing industry. He started his career as an IT consultant before majoring in IT staffing. Later on in 1994, he went ahead to establish Info Technologies a firm that aimed at understanding the corporate climate and offering quality solutions to clients with IT needs. Through his management and expertise, this company managed to elevate its worth to $30million within five years.

Diversant LLC has won different awards nationwide due to the proper leadership provided by John Goullet. His 20 years’ experience in IT has enabled him to render best solutions and services to clients.

Importance Using Video Communication in your Business


Modern technology is forcing entrepreneurs to make use of video communication in their business. It is because the video is turning out to be an important part of the online experience. A rising number of small enterprises are utilizing video to improve services for their clients and introduce new work, just like David Kale of Kale Designs.

Blue Bell, PA-based Kale Design is responsible for designing a high end and high impact graphics that their customers utilize in print, video, and online. David Kale is always searching for modern ways for his clients and his company, to be noticeable from the crowd and draw the attention.

Talk Fusion is a video communication company. The business creates video conferencing, social networking products, and broadcasting. David Kale is utilizing its flagship video email services since December. Video email is the best thing for this design and advertising professional.

Talk Fusion is not complicated. The moment David needs to send a video message to somebody, he records it either on his flip camera or on built-in computer Webcam. Any video gadget is perfect. The perfect the device will be, the better the video. He then logs into the Talk Fusion portal, browses to the saved video clip and uploads it.

Using the similar portal, David can then form his video email. He can brand the graphics of his company into the video and select from an already prepared templates given by the service. He can incorporate any text he desires. Once finished, David has the alternative of sending the email to one individual or many people at a go, depending on the service he purchased. The videos are saved on the site of Talk Fusion and can be used again. The firm offers numerous already created videos just in case you choose not to create your own. David utilizes Talk Fusion in reviewing projects with customers. Using videos, he can show his logos and web pages his company has designed.

Bob Reina is the president and the founder of Talk Fusion, which is a home of the world’s best all-in-one video marketing company. Before establishing this video marketing company, Bob Reina worked as a Tempa Bay Police Officer.

In 1990, Bob Reina was initiated to network marketing working as a part-time associate while still working as a police officer. The passion he had for network marketing and incredible work ethic led him leave his full-time profession behind and pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations.

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Online Reputation Management Can Be Critical for Anyone

Online reputation management?

“Sure that’s the stuff the big companies need to prevent angry customers from damaging their online stores.”


That’s what most of us think of when we think of reputation management services. But in truth, negative comments, videos and information can damage anyone, as in the case of Melissa Click, a University professor.


As per USA Today, Melissa was just going about her regular day, when suddenly she became an instant national celebrity…but not in a good way. While trying to protect her educational institution, she was filmed trying to remove a journalisth from covering a student protest at the University of Missouri.


As a result of that video going online, the communications professor, who was only attending a meeting, was suspended pending an investigation. She also had criminal charges filed against her, and she received almost a hundred demands for her resignation… certainly a stiff price to pay for trying to HELP.


This Can Happen to Anyone!

The online world has made it so easy to ruin a person’s reputation. All it takes is for a perfectly normal day to go all WRONG. So what do you do?


The Solution

Well, going silent and ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. You could face law suits, lose your job and so much more. The solution is to fight back, to find a good reputation management company like Status Labs.


A reputation company like Status Labs is made up of experts that work in public relations These are the people that repair the damage an online remark, comment or video can make. How? By explaining the situation, by offering positive information, articles and interviews, as in the case of Click’s review with USA Today.


Online reputation management offers an explanation, a benefit or a reason for the negative action. And that helps people understand, it removes or minimizes the damage, and that’s why the services of a company like Status Labs can come in handily for anyone.

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