The Successful Musical Career Of Norka Martinez Luque

The story of Norka is full of motivation and inspiration. In her world, impossibility does not exist. Norka discovered her passion for music at a tender age. Since then, her message has devolved around bringing positive message of hope through her music. Norka’s parents supported her passion unconditionally. Initially, she started by going through vocal practice lessons, learned how to play the piano, and undertook ballet and flamenco classes while still pursuing her academics.
In France, Norka pursued a degree in business administration besides receiving degrees in marketing and fashion as well as culinary arts. The opportunity to be part of a band came up while she was still in France. This way, she continued to improve her vocals and get the opportunity to perform on large platforms. Norka continued performing with the band until a celebrated musical producer, Emilio Estefan Jr, developed interest in her musical works. He opened the door and gave her the platform to sing professionally.
While reflecting back on Emilio’s impact on her music, Norka Luque posited that the musical producer gave her an opportunity that is dream for most artists. She continued to say that Emilio liked her musical project and that working with him was a school of life and a miracle as she continued to learn new things each day. Norka asserts that she believed that she could make the world a better place through her music. To this end, she realized that a simple fact like being alive is in itself a miracle.
Through her talented producers and directions from the Emilio Estefan Jr, Norka managed to become an accomplished singer. Compositions by Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena and Hermanos Gaitan played a pivotal role in creating the song, Milagro. Norka is currently promoting this song in addition to El Cata. In Venezuela, Puerto Rico and United States, the song has become a hit. It is imperative to note that the song has been recorded as one of the best in the esteemed Latin Music Billboards. Milagro is a combination of reggae, Mediterranean traces and Caribbean sounds. This combination in addition to a beautiful message has made the song become a recipe for success.
Norka posits that artists have the opportunity of creating positive messages for the fans given that the lyrics in the songs transport them to their innermost levels of emotions. She continues to posit that even though new genres and rhythms are created, the message that is intended to be transmitted to the people should not change. Through her life, Norka is able to write lyrics that give hope to the people undergoing various crises in their lives.