Looking for a Sweet, Refreshing Flavor of Lip Balm?

When shopping for lip balm, the flavor isn’t always your first priority. In most cases, you’re looking for something to soothe and moisturize your lips, while being affordable and portable enough to take anywhere. But the flavor of your lip balm is more important than many people realize. You want something sweet and soothing, not a sharp, stinging, unpleasant taste that makes you wipe it off a few minutes later. But with so many brands on the market, how do you choose?

EOS lip balm offers a wide range of flavors with sweet, fruity, and minty tastes that soothe your lips with all-natural ingredients. Unlike other lip balm brands, EOS is completely natural and gluten-free, making it safe for anyone to use. And with EOS, you won’t be limited to just the generic fruit flavors. EOS offers exclusive tastes and flavor combinations that ensure that you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy. Browse the Facebook page for full product gallery.

Looking for Something Sweet?

Sweet flavors are overlooked by most brands of lip balm. But if you prefer a sweeter taste, EOS offers a selection of flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. The sweet mint lip balm moisturizes your lips with a cool, refreshing taste. EOS also offers a strawberry sorbet flavor with the sweet, cooling taste of ice cream. And during the holidays, you can buy the vanilla bean flavor for a smooth, moisturizing taste year-round. http://intl.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-strawberry-sorbet/-/A-13731791

Ready to Purchase EOS Lip Balm?

If you want to buy your own sphere of EOS lip balm and try it out for yourself, EOS products are available at the official EOS website and major retailers like Target, Walmart, Ulta and even Racked. The affordable prices and wide range of products make it easy to find something that fits your budget and lifestyle.