Nathaniel Ru Dares to be Different

Nathaniel Ru is thinking ahead. There is one thing that people can say about him that they cannot say about many other restaurant founders: he is innovative. In 2017, Nathaniel Ru has his mind on going completely cashless in restaurants. This is something that has never been tried before for multiple restaurants. Nathaniel Ru believes that he can put this off though.


This cashless restaurant can work for a place like Sweetgreen because this is not the typical restaurant. It may be a trend that Nathaniel Ru could implement and get other restaurants to follow. He has done something unique by taking healthy food and turning it into something cool. This is something that people may not have thought was possible. Nathaniel Ru looked at this seemingly impossible concept and actually got $98 million in venture capitalist funds. Nathaniel Ru has a knack for taking impossible concepts and making these things possible. That is what he is good at. This is the reason that the new implementation of cashless stores may be something else that he can pull off with his Sweetgreen restaurants.


The idea of a cashless restaurant isn’t all that far-fetched. Most people are already using plastic. Nathaniel Ru may just be one of the first people that is bold enough to do this on a wide scale. He is bold enough to try it because he knows about the possible pay off. There is certainly a level of risk – a very high risk of alienating some customers – but the payoff is so much greater. The first thing that the cashless restaurant does is makes customers feel safer. There are no robberies at cashless stores. There is no money to steal. This also cuts down on the possible theft that could occur with employees that might be tempted to steal money.


Another thing that is beneficial about this cashless environment is the improvement in hygiene. Physical cash money is dirty. This is one of the quickest ways so spread germs. When there is a cashless environment there are fewer germs being spread. This is something that is very important in an environment where food is being served. This says a lot about what Nathaniel Ru thinking about for his Sweetgreen customers. He has already put together some great healthy menu items. Now he is putting forth the effort to help reduce germs in his restaurants. This is exciting because it means that Nathaniel Ru is trying to step it up and stay innovative.


So many restaurant chains have just become stuck in a rut. The executives are doing the same things. They are not thinking outside of the box at all. Nathaniel Ru dares to be different.