Rick Smith, Ameliorating Correctional Facilities through Securus Technologies

For the past years, it has been almost a tradition for inmates’ affairs to be taken for granted and unattended to. Law offenders are citizens too, and the fact that they are accommodated in a correctional facility means that they are entitled to their rights if not once in a while privileges. Securus Technologies has brought this to realization. Securus is a prison’s communications company which was initiated ultimately to help monitor activities for business owners. Securus has its headquarters in Dallas and has grown to accommodate over 2,450 public facilities with approximately 1,200,000 inmates in correctional facilities in North America. The company has been in operation as from 1986 and has since then worked to offer outstanding communication technology to criminal justice systems. Among its inventions is the Video Visitation App that has made it possible for the inmates to connect with their families using tablets or smartphones.

Among the top managers of Securus is Rick Smith, the Chief Executive Officer. After the vibrant expansion of Securus Technologies, he saw the need to find a highly qualified sales resource. Rick was aware that an individual with vast experience in relation to the transformation and evolving of sales team would be fit for the task. This was necessary for the expansion of their product set.Eventually, Rick Smith and the board settled for John Belle who had an outstanding 35 years of experience in his career which was a base for his performance and professional portfolio. He had the reputation of changing organizational performance and norms to quality performance, epic growth, and mentoring competitive sales leaders. Just but a bonus to his qualifications, John was part of IBM, a high integrity, high-tech sales business people development organization.

John Bell holds a postgraduate degree from+ Wharton School of Business and Kellogg School of Management. His experience comes from the different high-tech companies that he has served, including Verizon, NTT Verio, IBM, and Time Warner Cable. With his new appointment at Securus, he is in charge of the 100-person sales team. According to recent research, reporters were able to produce blogs and allocate emails. This was majorly targeting to give hope and making serving sentences more bearable, safer, and a better alternative. This plays a major role in preventing thoughts of creating underserved situations. Rick Smith is for this initiative and says that Securus Technologies is now taking part in releasing weekly proposals to aid in law enforcement and provide alternatives to social problems.Rick Smith further says that Securus has gotten numerous letters and emails congratulating its customer services. Clients attest that Securus Technologies services ensure a healthy environment for inmates and their families. Rick Smith has been a great boost in ensuring the company’s success and provision of quality services to the society at large. He later adds that safety has been the key motivation for developing the business.

Securus Technologies Gets Positive Feedback From Clients

Securus Technologies provides various types of powerful IT solutions for jails, prisons and other correctional institutions in the United States of America. Recently, this company conducted some surveys on its own performance. Securus Technologies asked its clients to provide some honest and thoughtful feedback about specific products and services that have been useful in logistical operations. Many of the participants in the surveys provided plenty of positive reviews about the solutions that are offered by Securus Technologies.


Some jails and prisons claim that they have been able to prevent crime by using the software that has been developed by Securus Technologies. After all, this company offers surveillance systems that can monitor phone calls and other forms of communication between prisoners and other contacts. Securus Technologies understands that correctional facilities need reliable methods to detect suspicious forms of communication. In some cases, jails and prisons have used the company’s technology to find inmates who have been involved in the smuggling of drugs, weapons, money and other prohibited items.


The CEO of Securus Technologies is thrilled to hear positive feedback on his enterprise’s products and services. He estimates that his firm produces a new solution for the criminal justice system on a weekly basis.


Securus Technologies  works with more than 3,000 correctional facilities in the U.S.A. Based in Dallas, Texas, this IT firm also holds offices in other major cities such as Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies is always looking forward to improving the way that jails and prisons operate. This company is also dedicated to delivering reliable telecommunication solutions for incarcerated people. In fact, Securus Technologies serves more than 1.2 million inmates nationwide. To accommodate the high demand for the latest IT products and services in the criminal justice sector, this company operates facilities that are exclusively dedicated to research and development.