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Chris Burch Gets Award For Best Hotel

Chris Burch is well known as a fashion mogul. However, fashion is not the only thing that he is showing himself to be very skilled at. He is also showing himself to be very skilled at hospitality. He has set up a hotel called Nihi which has been voted to be the best hotel. He has put together a 5 star resort that offers something that people can enjoy. Chris Burch, the creator of Nihi is also known for plenty of other international brands. He has not only set them up but has also put a lot of thought into what he is building for people.  Additional article to read on

Chris Burch is someone who is forward thinking. He also knows how to think outside of the box and come up with solutions that many people wouldn’t think about. For Burch shared insight, read it on .  For one thing, he is someone who takes the time to find ways that seemingly mutually exclusive concepts can work together. For instance, he has seen how fashion and technology can go hand in hand. Therefore, he has looked at ways to make them work together to come up with amazing new styles and influence the trends of the world. His influence in the fashion industry has been a positive one.  Check for related article.

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Chris Burch has also seen the value of putting productivity together with creativity. Many people may believe that creativity can get in the way of productivity. However, the truth is that if people were just productive all the time, progress and technological advancements may have been a lot slower. It is the same with creativity. When there are tons of ideas that do not come to life, it is because of a lack of productivity. One of the best approaches is to take time off to be creative and then dedicate time to productivity.  Click on for a look at Burch various investment ventures.

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