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Chris Burch: The Billionaire Entrepreneur

Chris Burch is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known to be one of the most well-known billionaires in the entire world. He has had an incredible career and has dabbled in some industries and sectors which have contributed to the enormous wealth that he possesses today. But behind all of this wealth, lies a man who has worked hard to get to where he is. Being the entrepreneur that he is, he persevered to bring all the business ideas that he had to live. The vast number of companies that he has given life to have helped him grow as a business leader and a notable name in the industries that he has worked in.

One of the first professional experiences that Chris Burch was involved with was working for his father’s construction company. While working here, it dawned on Burch that he wanted to own a company of his own, and thought of starting up a few business ventures. He then tried to find several ways in which he could raise enough money to help him live out his entrepreneurial ambitions. Today, one of the most well known and successful of Chris Burch’s entrepreneurs is Burch Creative Capital which is a company that invests into business ideas which catch Chris Burch’s eye. The company has been behind several successful business ventures that Chris Burch has help aid. Check the website on

Chris Burch had a degree from Ithaca College and started one of his first while he was studying there with his brother. The company mainly took vintage woolen designs and sold them to students on the campus. They named the company Eagle Eye Apparel, which ended up getting pretty big for a student entrepreneurial venture. Within the next few years, the company grew incredibly, which Chris Burch later sold to another entrepreneur for $60million. Additional reading on

Today, Chris Burch is moving on to industries that he has never tapped into before. Most recently, he entered the field of hospitality by opening up the luxurious Nihiwatu Hotel in Indonesia. The hotel is located on the private island of Nihi Simba, which Chris Burch bought for his children. The hotel is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the entire world and has received incredible reviews from popular travel magazines and visitors alike.  Related article on

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There is no doubt that Chris Burch has built an impressive empire for himself, which is also why he stands as such an inspiration to people who want to start up their own companies all over the world.  For his recent timeline activity update, hit

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