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Chris Burch’s’ Inspiring Story as Entrepreneur

Over the course of his life, Chris Burch has attempted various businesses. As a young man, his entrepreneurial gift got natured while he was working with his father in the construction industry. His passion has since driven him to discover multiple ways of generating wealth. He has founded an investment and brand-developing company, Burch Creative Capitals, for which he is also the Chief Executive Officer. Chris was also a co-founder of Tury Burch LLC and the recently sold C. Wonder. His success led him to appear on the Forbes List of Billionaires.

Burch is a man on a mission. He is out to create a path others can follow, and due to this, he has interests in fashion, hotel industry, and real estate. With a career spanning over 40 years, Chris has grown to be an international hotelier and philanthropist. He describes his path as tough but adds that it was painful but gainful. His currents achievements were worth the fight.   Read his views on business, check

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His strategy? Be ever on the move, invent something new and pour your whole self into it. It is perhaps this go-getter mindset that has seen Chris establish successful luxury hotels in various cities. Mr. Burch is also a serial investor, having owned shares and contributed to the success of over 50 companies. Possessing the gifts of discernment and decisiveness which are crucial for success in the world of entrepreneurship, Burch has combined these with his keen understanding of consumer behavior to design products that experienced phenomenal success in the market. Some of his latest investments include shares in Cocoon9, a company that makes small homes; Poppin and a getaway resort hotel at Nihi Sumba Island in South East Asia. The hotel has 27 restaurants spread across beach-and-jungle Island of Indonesia. Burch is also the co-owner with of Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires. Related article on

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that their journey was a story of persistence and resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges and repeated discouragements. Chris Brown’s is no different. His journey started in college where he partnered with his brother to form a company for selling sweaters on campus and the surroundings. After gaining the much-needed experience, after some years they sold the company, which they had started with $2000 for a whopping 60 million dollars.  More to read on

As a philanthropist, Chris has partnered with many charitable organizations across the world like the Child Welfare League of China and the NYU League in New York. Additional info on

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