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Get Your Wiki On with the Professionals

Wikipedia has become peoples online go to for information on a wide range of subjects from businesses, biographies to history. Each month over 80,000 Wikipedia editors and writers work on the content on the pages with over 5 billion articles to date. These writers will create or edit a Wikipedia page in their own time and without recognition or compensation. So it is staggering to think Wikipedia is after 15 years still going strong and available in over 282 languages.

Two scientists with backgrounds in economics wanted to look further into how this open source encyclopedia platform continues to attract so many contributors. The answer simply put is the contributors are attracting each other. The researchers found that the more Wiki edits made to an article led to additional edits and so forth. In addition the research found that the more edits that were made the more quality the page becomes. This is due to the fact that more and more reference links are added to the bottom when editors update a Wikipedia page and the site uses that as part of their ranking system.

These findings remind us that Wikipedia is a powerful force on the internet and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. If you are a person or business thinking about creating your own Wikipedia page you may also want to think about hiring Wikipedia experts to create and maintain it for you. Due to Wikipedia’s popularity, it is often one of the first pages that comes up on a Google search. A company such as, Get your Wiki, can help make sure your page is putting you in the best light possible. Experts at Get Your Wiki have experience with the proper formatting and reference material needed to be viewed positively in the Wikipedia search rankings. Wikipedia has its own guidelines that each page must follow in terms of formatting, so if you are not familiar with the guidelines it can be lengthy process to learn.

In addition while the majority of the editors on Wikipedia are well-intentioned there are always malicious people out there who could potential harm your reputation with unfair Wikipedia revisions. Due to the nature of the open source program anyone can edit a Wiki page at any time-  whether it belongs to them or not – without your knowledge. A professional company will monitor any changes made to your page to mitigate any damage that could be done to you or your company’s reputation.

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites around the globe so if you are thinking of putting your information up there, you should hire Wikipedia editors of Get Your Wiki”