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How Businessman Chris Burch Proves That Being A Multi-Hyphenate Is The Key To Success

When experienced people give young people advice on how to live their lives they often talk about the importance of having focus. It goes without saying that being focused is key to accomplishing any goal that is worthwhile but having focus does not necessarily mean always having to become committed to one thing. Some people have many different interests and might find that there is a wide variety of industries and skill sets that they are passionate about. Rather than being forced to choose one path young people might find that they can pursue many paths and do not have to agonize about being interested in more than one career path or course of study. Having multiple interests can be a strength whereas staying in one industry can sometimes limit one’s worldview. Any young person that wants to know that it is possible to pursue more than one interest or career path should consider looking to entrepreneur Chris Burch as an example.

Chris Burch is a businessman who has never allowed himself to be confined to a single industry or to a single passion. Rather he has looked for ways to pursue each of his interests and seized upon opportunities that allowed those interests to flourish. Most people will probably recognize Burch’s name because it is attached to one of the most celebrated names in American fashion. Chris Burch was once married to the fashion designer Tory Burch. During their marriage Chris Burch worked with his former wife Tory Burch to build her idea for a fashion brand into a business that was reportedly worth more than $3 billion. The fashion empire that Chris Burch and Tory Burch built together included casual clothing, purses, hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores in various countries around the world.  Read more about his diverse investment portfolio, hit on this.

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Before helping to launch a fashion company with Tory Burch Chris Burch worked with his brother to launch his own apparel company as a college student. These days Chris Burch has moved on to the pursuit of other interests. He is the Chief Executive of Officer of a brand development and venture capital firm that is known as Burch Creative Capital. In addition to running his company Burch Creative Capital Chris Burch is also the owner of a resort that is located in Indonesia. According to the website Tasting Table, click on here, Burch will be calling upon the talents of Chef Andrés Morataya by hiring him to work at his Indonesian resort Nihi Sumba Island.  For additional reading, hop over to this.

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