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James Dondero hires Linda Owen

James Dondero is one of the most important names in the financial community. Since he started working in the industry in the late eighties, James has been an innovator. He founded Highland Capital Management in the early nineties with every intention of changing the world. Over the last twenty years, he has turned the company into a Dallas icon. Highland Capital Management has created numerous valuable financial products, and they have received numerous awards. Through every step, James has paid careful attention to ensure that his company continues to grow.

James is proud of the progress that Highland Capital Management has made throughout the years, but now he really wants to give back. The Dallas community has enabled him to become incredibly successful, and now James wants to make life easier for people throughout the community.

Highland Capital Management has always given generously, but until recently there giving was small enough that the company could manage it on their own. Recently, Highland started giving far more than a million dollars a year, and James knew he needed to make a hire. James knew he needed help giving back, so he started looking for someone to manage the firms philanthropic ventures.

Linda Owen is a well regarded civic leader throughout the greater Dallas area. She has worked on numerous civic projects in the past, including The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, which she served as president of for many years. James knew that Linda was extremely qualified, so he hired her to give the firm strategic direction when it comes to charitable giving.

Linda will become the firms charitable giving manager, and she will work in conjunction with The Dallas Foundation to ensure that all funds are spent properly. Highland Capital gives generously to causes throughout the Dallas area. They especially love giving to education, veterans’ issues, and healthcare. They have also given generously to the Perot museum and the presidential library.

James Dondero is extremely optimistic about Linda’s role with the company. He sees giving back as part of the company’s mission, and he believes Linda will ensure that everything stays on track.