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John Goullet’s story: A Clear Reflection of Success and Commitment

Diversant LLC is a diversity based firm located in the US that provides a diversified and wide range of IT staffing and solutions to clients in the information and technology world. This firm was formed as a result of Info Technologies merging with Diversant Incorporation in February 1st, 2010. Despite many economic downturns, this firm has managed to grow in its operations thus developing an excellent reputation among many Fortune 500 companies. Diversant LLC majors in the provision of IT staffing solutions such as innovative diversity solutions, direct hire and IT staff augmentation. The services and products offered are based on transformative ideas as well as original methodologies, therefore, meeting all the needs of clients and the community being served as well.

Being the largest and best African-American owned firm, clients are well served and treated as true business partners of the firm. This company operates under a set of strict guiding principles that are designed to accommodate all arising needs of clients. The main focus of employees in Diversant LLC is to ensure that customers receive solutions and services that fully satisfy them. In addition to the principles, business at Diversant LLC is conducted with utmost integrity, discipline and professional development among others. This firm has had great achievements due to its good management as well as ethical business practices.
Contribution of John Goullet in Diversant LLC

John is the principal of Divergent LLC and has had a great impact on the success of this firm. His wide experience in IT has enabled him to come up with solutions for critical issues arising from evolving technologies. After graduating from UrisnusCollege where he concentrated in information and technology, Goullet joined the IT staffing industry. He started his career as an IT consultant before majoring in IT staffing. Later on in 1994, he went ahead to establish Info Technologies a firm that aimed at understanding the corporate climate and offering quality solutions to clients with IT needs. Through his management and expertise, this company managed to elevate its worth to $30million within five years.

Diversant LLC has won different awards nationwide due to the proper leadership provided by John Goullet. His 20 years’ experience in IT has enabled him to render best solutions and services to clients.