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Kevin Seawright Wants To Raise Home Ownership Rates In Baltimore

Kevin Seawright wants to change as many lives as possible, and he trying to make it so that everyone in Baltimore can get into a home that suits them. Morningstar reports Kevin started RPS Solutions LLC to help raise the home ownership rates in Baltimore because his own life has been dedicated to helping people who are less fortunate than himself, and it is very important to him that he puts families first.

Kevin Seawright was raised to help people, and he wants to use his family values to show the people of Baltimore that they can have the American dream. The joint partnership that he founded is going to help put people in their own homes, and he is going to show people that they can get into a house that his organization has helped people pay for.

The partnership is a company that helps people find homes that they can move into, and the partnership is a set of people who are consulting with all those in Baltimore who think that they cannot get into their own homes. Home ownership has been a hard thing for people to go for in Baltimore, and the rates of ownership in Baltimore are so low that Kevin Seawright wants to be sure that he is going to help as many people as he can. His parents took him into the city as a kid to help inner city kids, and he is trying to put these people in a place that is safe and happy for them.

The work that Kevin Seawright is doing is helping people in Baltimore who thought they were doomed to live in the projects forever. He wants to transform parts of the city into areas that the disadvantaged can change their lives, and he will continue to work on it until the city has changed. The partnership brings lenders and people together to make sure that they are getting the best rates, a chance to move into the right house and the opportunity to feel like they have finally overcome the hurdles they have been avoiding as they searched for a home.  Check out Kevin’s interview with LocalTalkNews for another perspective.