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Leader of Police Union Puts a Charge Against D.A.

George Gascon has been criticizing the police union that he used to be the leader of. He has also been making some critical remarks against the police department while he was filled with booze. Gary Delagnes, who was a former president of the Police Officer’s Association has stated that Gascon has actually said something racist during his drunken rant. Gascon has set up an investigation on the police force in relationship to the alleged racism and homophobia in the police force. As one would expect, this has angered the police force a bit and has resulted in a response to the statements made against it.


Among the things that Delagnes has said in his testimony is that the D.A.’s way of handling things effects a change for the worse in the police force. Given the many issues that come as a result of upholding the law, it is no surprise that there are issues within the ranks. Delagnes himself has been in the police force for 25 years and is known for being very blunt when it comes to the topic. He also is known for delivering a verbal knockout blow in order to conclude his point. Before retiring in 2013, he has spent 9 years as the president of the POA.


Among the things that Delagnes recalls is how the district attorney got so loud and animated that a patron of African American descent has asked him to cool down due to how offensive his words were. He wanted his family to be able to enjoy themselves without having to hear such ignorance. Delagnes definitely has dirt on people and can call people on their hypocrisy whenever needed. Delagnes’s testimony was also backed up by someone named Halloran, who has said that he will provide more detail if he was called to testify.

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