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Lime Crime Goes Viral

Many people have seen Doe Deere’s face all over social media. Her beautiful face is a popular image on Instagram because of her newest brand, Lime Crime. This business woman is now considered one of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs. Where did the name “Lime Crime” come from? Doe Deere wanted her brand to be an example of her quirky nature, which helped develop the unique name.

Ms. Deere has been artistic since she can remember. She remembers getting into her mother’s makeup bag and experimenting with the colors. She feels like she shouldn’t be having so much fun in her career considering creating different shades of color is so exciting to her. Makeup is enjoyable to her but it is also a very small part of her life. She has so much more to share with the world but is not ready to do so until it is the right time.

She has definitely came far in her makeup career. She remembers playing makeup with her best friends during sleepovers and is now showing off her talents all over the world. She did attest to her fame nearly exploding within a 24 hour period. Her online traffic nearly sky-rocketed, which motivated her to creating her “Lime Crime” brand.

In 2004 she started her eBay store online and wanted to give it a catchy name that would be memorable for people when they saw it. She said the first thing that came to mind was Lime Crime and because her favorite color is lime green. She has always been about thinking outside of the box and trying different color variations that most make up artists would never consider trying.

She loves working online and loves the advantage of using social media to show off her business and talent for makeup. She loves meeting new people online that express their love for her products and enjoys all of the positive feedback she receives. She is so proud of being considered an inspirational woman in the world of female entrepreneurs and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for her. Check out their offerings on Doll’s Kill, and make sure to visit the Lime Crime Tumblr for makeup ideas and application tips.