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Lovaganza Foundation Promotes Quality of Life For Every Child

Bringing improvements to the lives of children throughout the world is what the Lovaganza Foundation is all about. They do this by producing films and documentaries with Lovaganza Entertainment. Their aim is also to raise awareness about the needs of children through public discussion and debate. Lovaganza often partner with many other foundations and institutes, all focused on the goal of a better quality of life for kids.

The biggest goal they have defined for this mission has a first scheduled milestone in 2035. They hope to accomplish this goal for everyone on the planet by 2050. The support programs, research projects, and campaigns Lovaganza puts on help many families. They help empower and fund other non-profit organizations, as well. The first milestone goal is to address all the basic rights and life needs of all children in the world who are under 15 years of age. These are the conditions for them they hope to create:

* Enough food to eat

* Clean drinking water

* Safe place to sleep

* Access to good healthcare

* Basic Education

* Safe to be children

There are too many children forced into slavery, being soldiers in war, forced child marriages. The beginning of Lovaganza’s plans to help is for them to setup Lovaganza Centers in places where they are needed. The second part of the first goal on instagram is to gain enough data to make a clear picture of what children in each area need to meet the first, basic goals.

Lovaganza is joined by many other non-profits. The list of all these organizations will be announced, soon. Even attaining the very first goal will be quite difficult. Each step and all results will be documented on video, as the first 10 Lovaganza Centers are built on Only with everyone pulling together, in union and in agreement with Lovaganza’s long-term goals, can the serious problems of the world be confronted and fixed. It is this world of healthy, happy, well-cared-for children that can turn the corner and lead to every adult also receiving whatever is needed for their health and happiness.

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