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Mastering Innovation In The Business World

Kenneth Goodgame is nothing short of a business icon. It is not hyperbole to suggest that his experience in the corporate world remains unparalleled. Throughout his storied career, Kenneth Goodgame has been heralded for his innovative approach to business as well as his inspirational attitude. This is a man who can multitask like no other. It is hard enough achieving a level of excellence in any field but Goodgame has reached a level of proficiency in multiple areas of the business field rarely recognized. That being said, he is humble and doesn’t mind working behind the scenes. Quite simply he cares about performance above all. He is a leader concerned primarily with executing his job and seeing that others reach their full potential within their work environment.

At the moment, Kenneth acts as the senior vice president and chief marketing officer for ‘True Value Company’, and has since 2013 and his accomplishments speak for themselves. He introduced the innovative ‘Craftsman’ program, which increased the sales of hand tools from nine million to one hundred and eighty million. On top of that, and despite a struggling economy, he managed to ensure a 4.5% increase in sales, resulting in a fifteen million dollar boost annually. Furthermore, Goodgame expanded the opening of brand new businesses by 300% and lent his veteran hand to crafting a number of new items to cater to particular demographics of people who lived near certain stores. Prior to his numerous accomplishments at the ‘True Value’ company, Goodgame garnered experience and achieved success working for numerous other celebrated American business. From 2010 until 2013 he acted as the General Merchandising Manager at the ‘Ace Hardware Corporation’ in Oak Brook, Illinois. Additionally, he was the senior vice president of marketing and sales for ‘Newell Rubermaid’ in North Carolina. Earlier in his career, he played a number of different roles at ‘Home Depot’, most notably as the Senior Global Product Merchant. His experience goes far beyond the titles mentioned. Overall, Kenneth Goodgame is a figure to be admired. His accomplishments are second to none and he remains well-recognized inspiration.