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Online Reputation Management Can Be Critical for Anyone

Online reputation management?

“Sure that’s the stuff the big companies need to prevent angry customers from damaging their online stores.”


That’s what most of us think of when we think of reputation management services. But in truth, negative comments, videos and information can damage anyone, as in the case of Melissa Click, a University professor.


As per USA Today, Melissa was just going about her regular day, when suddenly she became an instant national celebrity…but not in a good way. While trying to protect her educational institution, she was filmed trying to remove a journalisth from covering a student protest at the University of Missouri.


As a result of that video going online, the communications professor, who was only attending a meeting, was suspended pending an investigation. She also had criminal charges filed against her, and she received almost a hundred demands for her resignation… certainly a stiff price to pay for trying to HELP.


This Can Happen to Anyone!

The online world has made it so easy to ruin a person’s reputation. All it takes is for a perfectly normal day to go all WRONG. So what do you do?


The Solution

Well, going silent and ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away. You could face law suits, lose your job and so much more. The solution is to fight back, to find a good reputation management company like Status Labs.


A reputation company like Status Labs is made up of experts that work in public relations These are the people that repair the damage an online remark, comment or video can make. How? By explaining the situation, by offering positive information, articles and interviews, as in the case of Click’s review with USA Today.


Online reputation management offers an explanation, a benefit or a reason for the negative action. And that helps people understand, it removes or minimizes the damage, and that’s why the services of a company like Status Labs can come in handily for anyone.

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