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Rocketship Education Strives for Better Education

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charter schools that was founded in 2007. There are 18 Rocketship Education schools across the United States. Though open to all students, as long as they are eligible to be placed in kindergarten through fifth grade, it primarily serves those in low-income neighborhoods where students have limited access to a proper education.

The network all began in 1999 with a man named Father Mateo Sheedy. Father Sheedy was surprised when he saw that none of the children who were in his parish reached the basic academic requirements necessary for them to go to the local college. Determined to make a change, he gathered support from the community to set up a plan that offered high-quality education to children who needed it. Father Sheedy died before realizing his mission but with the help of his parishioners and two educational entrepreneurs named Preston Smith and John Danner The first Rocketship Education location was created.

Even though Rocketship Education is dedicated to bettering its students it is also focused on all forms of education whether it is in a classroom or at home. This network of charter schools strives to be a truly transformative school that has a whole community willing to help the next generation. By standing by the belief that all children deserve to have an excellent education and a school that cares about each student and their individualized learning skills.

To do this Rocketship Education employs five major core characteristics. First is authenticity, which allows transparency in the school’s work to assess not only those it teaches but itself as well. Second is community, which is the backbone of any education and with it perception and understanding expands. Third is tenacity, which gives one the courage to pursue their educational goals until they are achieved and lets one rise to the challenges of life. Fourth is innovation, which provided students, teachers and family members with the best possible ways to make what is impossible possible. Lastly is excellence, the core characteristic that holds the short and long term solutions to help all children succeed.