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Securus Technologies and Crowded Prison Safety

Life inside our crowded prison is no walk in the park for police officers. We are outnumbered by the inmates almost 5:1, and it only takes the blink of an eye for someone to get injured. The inmates already have this disdain towards authority, so any advantage that me and my fellow officers can get is welcome inside the prison. One of the most important assets we have is the new inmate call monitoring system that was recently installed by the team at Securus Technologies.


The Securus Technologies company has already placed thousands of these inmate call monitoring systems in prisons across the country. The CEO, Richard Smith, assured us that he and all thousand employees of his Dallas-based corporation are working to make the world safe for us all. The system is able to monitor when the inmates are using the phones, and by way of the LBS software will then alert my team if anything of concern needs out immediate attention.


Now that the Securus Technologies system was monitoring calls, we were able to get more officers into the visitor center to see if anything illegal was changing hands. The rest of my team of officers were deployed to the inmate cells to now check for things like weapons or drugs. These searches have yielded huge results too.


While me and my fellow officers are working those areas, the LBS system has also been working hard. Last month the system detected a conversation between a top-ranking gang member here in jail telling street soldier to get drugs to the visitor center by coming in force. If they were caught, they were to wear that arrest proudly. This enabled us to monitor the visitors before they even got to the jail, removing the contraband and arresting those who were trying to sneak illegal items into our facility.