Anthony Petrello beats the odds to become a successful business executive

Antony Petrello is the current chief executive officer of drilling company known as Nabors Industries. This is the leading oil and natural gas drilling company in the world. Nabors Industries has been the talk of the corporate sector following huge success that it has managed to register in recent times. The company has shown great resilience even at a time of economic depression. Nabors Industries have been in a consistence growth since Anthony Petrello was hired by the firm to lead development goal. He has worked diligently for the firm and has managed to pull great results for the drilling firm. Anthony Petrello is a brilliant manager who has made Nabors Industries the leading drilling firm in the world.

Nabors Industries deals with oil and natural gas drilling. Currently, the company has over 25 locations all over the world where it has been doing drilling operations. Nabors Industries as a global leader in the drilling industry has implemented measures that have made the drilling industry more efficient. Nabors has led in the industry by coming up with the best drilling rigs in the industry. The company has also led in coming up with technology that works for the company in a greasy way. Technological development in the field has led to changes in terms of efficiency of exploration and drilling.

The input of Anthony Petrello in the industry cannot be wished away. He has been the person who has managed to get Nabors Industries from, a medium level drilling firm to now a global leading firm. What is surprising about Anthony Petrello is that he has been able to register success in the industry even though he has no training either in the mining-related courses or any business management course. Anthony Petrello has been into two careers before he joined Nabors Industries. He has been a mathematician and a lawyer. He has never been to any business class. However, even without this training, he has performed better than managers with this education. His natural brilliance in solving business-related problems have managed to push through major reforms in the corporate sector. As of today, he is one of the best business minds in the country.

His ability to lead Nabors Industries has been second to none. He is leading a global giant that is very aggressive in expanding its territories to more regions in the world. Anthony Petrello is truly a definition of a man who believes in hard work pays. He has worked hard all his life to realize the success he has so far.

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