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The Many Pastimes of Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is a role model dentist and philanthropist located in New Jersey. His charity work is his passion, and he is known to have helped almost a quarter million people worldwide with their dental issues. He has raised millions through a popular Go Fundme page called Operation Smile. This program originated in the Philippines but has become eighty different countries involved and helping children in over sixty countries. All the proceeds from Operation smile are making it possible for free dental care for those who are in desperate need of it. Avi Weisfogel passion of helping is inspiring and something we can all look up to. To read more about his charity work, visit:

What you may not know is that Weisfogel is also a huge fan of progressive rock. Pink Floyd, in particular, is music he is passionate about. Known for their classic album, The Wall, this is music he is most inspired by. The Wall touched upon human freedoms and included songs like “Another Brick In The Wall.” Avi also enjoyed listening to Billy Joel on occasion. To read more about his love of music, visit:

You can also find more about Avi through his Facebook page;
You will see photos of him doing speeches with his Dental Sleep Masters Team. Avi feels strongly that sleep apnea is linked to dental health. The group of professionals talk about the link and how to help sleep apnea to prevent teeth and gum problems in the future. Avi is passionate about the dental health of everyone, but goes above and beyond to help children worldwide. He is a great role model, and one, who’s journey we should follow intently.