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The Philanthropic Endeavors of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an Entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. He is one of the leading accomplished entrepreneurs in innovative technology and government. Eric resides in Los Angeles, California.

Eric Pulier spent his childhood years in Teaneck, New Jersey. His passion for technology runs back to the fourth grade. Back in his early years in lower grades, he had already begun computer programming. He also founded a computer database firm during his high school years. Eric attended the Harvard University. He undertook his studies at American Literature and English. Pulier served as an editor of The Harvard Crimson and even wrote columns for the magazine. He graduated from Harvard with high honors (magna cum laude) in the year 1988.

In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles. In this year Eric founded his second company, the People Doing Things. PDT majors in addressing education, health care and other such problem using technology. He founded the Digital Evolution in 1994. Digital Evolution formed a merger with the US interactive LLC in 1988. He also lead the formation of Starbright World. The Presidential Inaugural Committee chose Pulier to build and execute the Presidential Exhibition in 1997. Following his excellent work in the Bridge to the 21st Century Exhibition, the government went ahead to involve him in the Al Gore’s Health Care and Technology Forum. He for long advised on technological health care initiatives. He is a participant and supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative.

Mr. Pulier works to help society precede him. He has founded many technology organizations aimed at solving common issues facing society today. He is the founding and donor of ACE Foundation. The Foundation is engaged in reshaping the building of technology and application to the major issues affecting humanity. Eric is also a collaborator and financier of the Campaign for Free College Tuition. The campaign aims to achieve free college studies for all American citizens. He also donates money to the XPRIZE Foundation. The XPRIZE is a charity organization that creates and manages competitions that encourage technological innovativeness and improvement for a better tomorrow.

Eric is a member of the board of the Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle deals with helping children suffering from deadly and chronic diseases.