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The Product That Makes Your Hair Look Amazing

Emily McClure is a writer for The Bustle, and she also is a hair product junkie. McClure loves to buy different hair products on Total Beauty store, and she is always endeavoring to find a good product that will work on her fine hair. Over the course of the last 10 years, Wen cleansing conditioner has gained a lot of steam. The creator of Wen hair cleansing conditioner is Chaz Dean. He is an individual that is a very well-known hairstylist in the Los Angeles area. Dean has worked with many high-profile and famous individuals. Over the course of his career, Dean found that many of the hair products that were available on the market were not beneficial to a woman’s hair. These products stripped hair of its natural oils, and they also were filled with unneeded chemicals. Dean wanted to be able to make a product that was different.

Emily McClure wanted to see if she would be able to get benefits from the product, so she did a seven-day experiment with Wen. The first day that McClure washed her hair with Wen, she felt like it was a lot of product. She began to wash her hair and she noticed that it immediately started to feel more thick. After washing out the product and blow drying her hair, she was very happy with the results. Her hair looked clean, bouncy, and thick. Over the course of the next six days, she found that the product worked best when it was washed out of the hair in the morning. Read results here:

McClure had a love hate relationship with Wen conditioning cleanser, because she loved the way that it left hair, but she hated the fact that she would have to wash her hair every morning. McClure definitely would recommend Wen cleansing conditioner to women who have fine hair, and she would also give them the recommendation that they should use it in the morning and wash their hair with the product every day. Wen hair can be purchase online as well as on Sephora beauty product stores.