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Thor Halvorssen Outfoxes Fox News In Support Of Bernie Sanders

Fox Television’s Trish Regan, host of The Intelligence Report, a conservative news interview and commentary show, tried to use an international expert’s viewpoint to smear liberal U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. That expert was Thor Halvorssen, who definitely has condemned many socialist governments of the world, and Fox News obviously thought they had found a ringer to slam Sanders, who they see as being socialist in his politics.

When Regan described her guest as being against Bernie Sanders’ socialist government, Halvorssen stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the ball park. He quickly countered that “no”, he was not actually against Bernie Sanders. In fact, he elaborated, Sanders’ style of democratic socialism is exactly what Halvorssen wants to see happen throughout the world; that he was actually all for Bernie Sanders.

Before Regan could interrupt him, Halvorssen began describing the bad style of socialism. He used certain countries as examples of being run by supposed socialist governments, but which were actually oppressing and terrorizing there own populace. The list included his home country of Venezuela and North orea, both of which, Thor says, obviously have corrupt despotic dictatorial governments that are socialist in name only. He jumped right ahead and listed the countries of the world that practice good democratic socialism, and remarked that Norway, Denmark, and Sweden areK true socialist democracies. These countries are never in the news for persecuting their citizenry.

Having been easily and firmly corrected about Halvorssen’s views on Bernie Sanders, Trish Regan flipped the question to Thor’s own experiences with the wrong kind of socialism. He was then able to tell of his family’s long struggles with the despotic Venezuelan government. His own father had been secretly abducted and tortured illegally in prison. It took great efforts by many organizations and statesmen to secure his release. Later, Thor’s mother was gunned down, along with 11 others, one of which died. She barely survived that attack from government terror squads, firing into the crowd at a legal, organized, and peaceful public meeting. Thor’s cousin is still held without reason in a Venezuelan prison.

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