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Treating the Patient and the Pain: Osteo Relief Institute’s Approach to OA

Osteoarthritis has long been a common pain in our society. As more and more people go from jobs where they are continually active to desk jobs, a stationary lifestyle among other factors as osteoarthritis issues on the rise. Specialists like those at the Osteo Relief Institute focus solely on the treatment of osteoarthritis.

A recent article discussed the importance of understanding osteoarthritis pain and managing it properly. If you aren’t familiar with Osteoarthritis or OA pain, it is caused when cartilage has worn away and the bones rub directly against each other. Over time this causes stiffness and pain that will grow worse without treatment and care. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but it is manageable.


Clinics like the Osteo Relief Institute specialize in OA pain and know that are various levels there are many options to ensure the main is manageable and quality of life continues. For that reason, they offer free consultation screenings to determine how advanced the pain is and a proper course of treatment (HealthGrades). The Osteo Relief Institute has invested in the latest and greatest technology, including some of the most advanced equipment options that can provide incredibly precise treatment for knee osteoarthritis.


Many things can be done to manage the pain. Gentle exercises before bed can decrease stiffness in the morning as well as making sure to not over do repetitive movements that irritate a join. Looking at your contributing factors is another first step – things, like smoking and being overweight or inactive, will only increase your chances of the issue becoming worse.


The Doctors of Osteo Relief Institute believe in a holistic approach to treatment. Utilizing steps like the ones listed above along with a combination of varying procedures that change based on each person, they are able to have good success and positive outcomes for their patients.


There are many medical options available before surgery may be necessary ( The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey treats each individual person, not simply their osteoarthritis in order to use the most conservative approach to healing and ensuring a good quality of life continues.