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What Our Fears Can Teach Us About Our True Selves

The Kabbalah Center is well-known for giving out life lessons and helping people find a true spiritual path and connections to a higher purpose on life. I don’t mean this in a religious nut kind of way either. There just comes a time when everyone begins to question their true purpose in life. The Kabbalah Centre and it’s teachings can help a person out with this sort of discovery.

One of the Rabbis came out with a very special lesson this week. It’s on the subject of fear. It’s also on the subject on how we all let fear run our lives. Fear is a very interesting beast. It can either take us down, or we can take it down. We learn through Kabbalah the idea of taking on fear and not letting it rule our lives.

What you learn at the Kabbalah Centre is that fear can actually be a good. It can be a useful to help us harness our full potential. You can learn a lot about yourself by looking at your fears. Take a look at frightens you the most. Once you start looking more closely at these fears, than you can start your road towards transformation.

What you learn through the Kabbalah Centre is that fears wants is to stay buried in the past. It doesn’t want us to move forward, maybe even to a brighter tomorrow. The fear wants to keep us controlled and not willing to explore other options.

“We are all conditioned to fear certain things. There is a root to this fear though. It’s common for people to recognize their fear. What isn’t common is to explore the root of this fear. This is where the center and the Teachings can come in handy. If you begin to take a look at what you fear the most and root of it all, you begin to remove the road blocks in your life”.

It’s natural to be comforted by what is comfortable. When you let fear rule, the light of the creator is in the dark. It’s the exact opposite which needs to happen. If you allow fear to rule your being, your fullest potential and dreams will not be realized.

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